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Window Replacement Katy, TX

CMC Windows & Doors is dedicated to providing the finest window replacement in the Houston area. Our window consultants will work with you to choose an affordable option that complements your home's aesthetics.

Our mission is to provide excellent items and first-rate service to our clients. When designing your window replacement project, CMC Windows & Doors will be there for you every step of the way. We're not like other window businesses because we can help you make informed decisions about the best windows and doors for your project, even if that means making major design and structural adjustments to your existing setup.

When Is it Time to Replace Windows and Doors?

How long has it been since you last replaced your windows? Often, property owners underestimate the lifespan of their windows and doors by a factor of two decades. The casing around a window or door is just one component. Also, consider the frame condition as well as the glass and sash when deciding whether your windows need to be replaced. CMC Windows & Doors offers comprehensive window and patio door installation services.

There are five indications that it is time to replace your windows:

1.     Age

Wooden windows may warp, rot, or crack if left exposed to water or the humid climate in Texas for an extended period. Sticking or splitting in the window frame might be symptoms of major degradation after 20 years. A professional window replacement service should inspect the situation before any rot develops. When saving money on energy costs, nothing is worse than outdated windows.

2.     Windows that malfunction

The windows in your home may not shut completely or be difficult to open and close. Seals around windows and doors may dry out and become smaller with time. This occurs after years of the window being exposed to moisture. When the sash on your windows becomes difficult to open and close, or when you can see daylight between the window frame and sash, it is time to replace your windows.

3.     Loss of Energy Efficiency

There is no use in trying to save money on your energy expenses by keeping drafty, ancient windows. The products CMC Windows & Doors installs are energy efficient and conform to the latest window efficiency codes. Our Houston window specialists can advise you on the best window replacements for your unique needs.

4.     Damaged or Broken Frames, Panels, and Sashes

The frames and sashes of windows are susceptible to damage from severe weather. Cracks in window frames may be caused by several issues, including water leaks, rust, window rot, and warped sashes. Any deterioration of your windows should prompt you to seek the services of a window replacement expert. Home burglars can easily enter a home if a window or door is broken. As a result, damage poses a significant threat to safety.

5.     Attractiveness and lack of visible glass space

Perhaps you've decided that the old windows and doors in your house are too unsightly and you'd want to replace them with something more modern and attractive. It's possible you'd want windows of varying sizes, shapes, or colors. We measure and design all your windows and doors specifically for your home.

Larger frames, obstructive grids, and large glazing profiles are typical of older windows, reducing the amount of outside space visible from the inside. Your view might be blocked if it's in a spacious area. CMC offers a wide variety of cutting-edge products, many of which include narrow frames that extend the amount of outside space through which light may enter.

Choosing a Reliable Window Replacement Company 

Changing out your home's windows and doors can be a costly endeavor. Window replacement companies that invest in state-of-the-art tools and equipment are more likely to be successful in delivering high-quality products and services.

You should be aware that window manufacturers rarely deal directly with end users. Since they deal with homes regularly, the window and door dealers like CMC in their area are the ones they want to have the right certification in installing manufacturer’s products. Having your mind put at ease knowing that your window replacement job was done well is worth the investment in a professional window installation contractor who has the appropriate certifications.

Choosing the Right Windows and Doors

Choosing windows for your house may be a matter of personal preference. Some window changes are done for aesthetic reasons, while others are done to improve ventilation or visibility. Some upgrades to your home's security or weatherproofing may include replacing windows and doors.

If you want to keep the heat in or out, your windows and doors need to be made of the right stuff. CMC Windows & Doors will help you choose the right products for your house, whether you choose vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum-clad.

Marvin Windows and Doors

Marvin, founded in 1912, has provided consumers with premium windows and doors. The firm has a history of making high-quality windows and doors out of wood, aluminum-clad wood, and fiberglass. Our installation teams are factory-trained and certified in Marvin's installation methods since CMC is a Marvin-approved installing retailer.

Homeowners like Marvin because they are Energy Star certified, can withstand brutal elements, and can withstand hurricane force winds. They come in various designs, hues, and materials to complement any interior decor scheme.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the average cost to replace a window?

Depending on the style, size, and brand of windows you choose, the cost of replacing windows in your house might be more or less. Additional considerations might impact the final price tag of a window replacement project, including:

  1. Window and door jamb conditions
  2. Style of Installation (full-frame with new trim vs. insert)
  3. Choice of window style and customization options


It's time for my windows to be addressed, but I can't decide whether to have them fixed or replaced.

Many issues with windows, such as broken glass or damaged hardware, are not severe enough to necessitate window replacement. Instead, a simple glass replacement or window repair job may frequently solve the problem. 

However, in many circumstances, your old windows may be beyond the point of a simple repair. It also may cost you more, in the long run, to continually have to repair old windows than to replace them and get the added benefits of energy savings. Since we are a full-service installer, we do not perform any repair services.

Contact Us For More Information and a Free Quote

CMC Windows and Doors is proud to serve the greater Houston area and Katy, TX. We provide free in-home window evaluations with a free quote. Our design specialists are trained to help you get the most out of your window and door openings. We have the ability to take on more customized projects, for example turning a window opening into a door, or projects that require more construction than just a simple replacement. Give us a call at (832) 621-3030 today!

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