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Your home's atmosphere relies on many features, though none so much as its windows. Whether you want to brighten up your living space, increase your home's value, or improve your home's energy efficiency, CMC Windows and Doors provides professional window replacement and patio door replacement in Lakewood, CO. Our window services cover you from start to finish, beginning with choosing your favorite window style and ending with quick expert installation.

Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Windows in Lakewood, CO

Many homeowners only research window companies in Lakewood, CO, when they want to replace a broken window. They may not know that their current windows affect their mood, power bill, interior air quality, and temperature. Windows give us a glimpse into the world around us while allowing sunlight, helping us enjoy the benefits of natural light while saving on electricity usage. Common problems with old windows include:

Difficulty Opening or Closing a Window

Older windows show their years with warped frames after years of exposure to the elements and normal foundation settling. If you have trouble opening or closing your windows, you may need to consider window replacements. 

Weakened Window Seals

Your window seals protect your home from the outdoors, preventing unwanted breezes, excess moisture, and insects from invading your home. Feeling a draft near your windows or noticing condensation on the glass point to potential window seal failure.

Too Much Noise Pollution

If your current windows let you hear every passing car and tweeting bird, it's time to consider window replacement. Modern residential windows offer sound insulation that keeps outside sounds where they belong, so consider replacement windows in Lakewood, CO, to help with noisy neighborhoods.

Damaged Window Frames

A rotting or decaying window frame can allow water, mold, mildew, and insects to invade your home and threaten its structural integrity. New window installation ends future structural problems before they begin. 

Upgrading your home's windows also allows you to choose a new look that enhances your home's personality and value. CMC Windows and Doors offers Lakewood, CO homeowners more than a wide variety of window styles, choosing to also serve our community with professional window installation with the occasional structural upgrade. 


Top-Quality Window Options from Trusted Name Brands

CMC Windows and Doors only uses trusted residential window brands like Pella, Anlin, and Marvin. By starting your window replacement in Lakewood, CO, with quality windows, we guarantee your satisfaction for years after installation. Upgrading your home's windows offers many benefits, including:

Various Shape, Size, and Accessory Options

From the typical single-hung and double-hung windows to complex shapes, sizes, and configurations, CMC provides many ways to customize your home's windows. Add accessories like blinds, shades, or shutters to give your windows an undeniable wow factor.

Window Styles to Suit Your Lifestyle

Thinking of the features you want your windows to have helps you narrow down which styles work best for your home. Window features allow you to simplify your window cleaning process, open your windows for easy breeze access, or enjoy a picturesque view from your bay window. CMC can help you create your vision with whichever windows work best for you.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Newly installed windows offer superior seals, keeping your home safe from drafts that raise your utility bill. For ultimate temperature insulation, opt for windows with triple or double panes that create an extra layer between your home and the world. Homeowners with new windows also notice that they use less electricity since they have less need to turn lights on during the day.

Increased Home Security

Modern-day windows offer new safety features, including contemporary window locks and impact-resistant glass. Some window models raise the bar on safety with smart capabilities, linking an app to built-in security sensors that let you know when a window opens or shuts.

Elevated Home Value

If you wonder how you can raise your home's value in a way that also increases its curb appeal, consider replacement windows in Lakewood, CO. Many homeowners find that their home's value can increase substantially with new window and door replacement in Lakewood, CO.


The Window Brand We Trust Best: Marvin Windows and Doors

Providing our customers with top-quality windows remains our greatest concern, so when a discerning client asks which window brands we recommend, we always say Marvin, Pella, and Anlin. These windows offer many benefits to customers, including easy customization and quality window construction. These brands focus heavily on maximum energy efficiency, providing you with windows that look and function better than other brands.


Benefits of Working With CMC Windows and Doors in Lakewood, CO

Expert Window Style Guidance

Replacing your windows can involve multiple steps, all requiring decisions and guidance. New window installation can include:

  • Measuring your current windows
  • Measuring the space you want your new windows to go
  • Discussing features and window styles
  • Adding new accessories or updating current ones
  • Installing windows in walls without current ones

With CMC, you won't have to make these choices alone. Our experienced project managers guide you on which styles work best for your lifestyle and help you choose between window sizes, materials, and functions.

Professional Window Installation

Incorrectly installed windows can cause the same problems as your old ones, including everything from drafts to water leaks. CMC Windows and Doors offers professional window installation, so you don't have to worry. We'll test your window seals, ensure they open and close smoothly, and clean up our mess before we go.

After we're gone, our service carries a warranty that lets you call us back to your home should you experience any issues with your windows after installation. Call (720) 573-2230 for more information about CMC's service warranty.

Customize Your Home to Your Exact Specifications

Sometimes replacing your windows doesn't add the style or light you expected. If you want to change your simple picture window into a sweeping floor-to-ceiling style, expand its breadth, or change up the shape, our installers can do that for you. Need new windows that don't technically exist yet? CMC Windows and Doors offers structural changes so you can style your home exactly how you want.


Replace Your Windows With CMC Windows and Doors Professionals in Lakewood, CO

Upgrading your home with CMC's expert window replacement in Lakewood, CO, provides you with beautiful new windows. You'll enjoy the appearance and functionality of your new windows, and over the years, you'll appreciate the significant energy savings. If you're looking for window companies in Lakewood, CO, start with the best: Call CMC Windows and Doors at (720) 573-2230.

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