Window Replacement Houston, TX

Cracked glass? Damaged frame?

That means your windows are compromised in their ability to protect your home, which means ventilation and weather protection will also suffer.

Or are you wanting replacement windows for increased aesthetic value? After all, windows can heavily influence the look and feel of a home and determine how much natural light enters it.

To say nothing of the fact that window replacement greatly increases a home’s resale value: in fact, Houston homeowners recoup about 81% of the window replacement project’s total cost when they sell.

Whatever your reason for seeking a window replacement in Houston, TX, CMC Windows and Doors is here to help. We provide the highest-quality replacement windows in Houston, Texas.

Our design experts find the best window for homes according to customers' budgets and aesthetic preferences. From window selection to installation, here's what we can do for you.

Why You Need A Reputable Contractor for Window Replacement in Houston, TX

If you’re handy with your toolbox, you may feel inclined to replace your windows yourself. However, replacing windows and doors is not only a time-consuming task requiring high levels of skill but also involves making large investments. So, it's best to go for a professional service, like our company, which manages the whole process.

Furthermore, reputable door and window manufacturers rarely sell their products directly to customers because installing high-grade windows requires certification. At CMC Windows and Doors, we provide trained professionals with windows and doors sourced from only the most reputable manufacturers.


Finding The Right Replacement Windows

When you're looking to replace your windows doors, you'll have various choices.

Start by identifying your needs. Are you seeking a functional window or door replacement, or are you interested in enhancing your curbside appeal with carefully selected designs?

Alternatively, do you want your new doors and/or windows to improve the security of your Houston home?

And, of course, the construction material is also an important consideration. Do you want aluminum-clad, fiberglass, or or a combination of the two?

At our company, we help you find answers to all these questions and choose the best ones.

Weather Proof Windows

Our replacement windows are made to tolerate extreme weather, including models that are impact-resistant and hurricane-rated.

As the second most hurricane-prone state in the U.S., it's important for homes in Texas to have tensile, super-strength hurricane windows which can stand up to the dangerous gusts and torrential rain that accompany hurricanes.

Not to mention, the windy winters of Texas also call for the installation of only the most superior replacement windows.

By consulting with you about the above preferences and more, the experts at CMC Windows and Doors in Houston will help you determine exactly what you need.


Marvin Replacement Windows And Doors

At CMC, the company whose products we are proudest to carry is Marvin Windows and Doors. This is a brand that provides custom-built, made-to-order windows and exterior patio and scenic doors that are manufactured individually. Each door and window produced by Marvin is of the most durable and premium aluminum clad and fiberglass, making them long-lasting and much stronger than vinyl windows.

Furthermore, as Marvin's doors and windows are weather-proof, they also maximize energy efficiency. In the humid Texas summers and chilly winters, this is of utmost importance to Houston homeowners.


Why Choose CMC Windows and Doors?

Out of all the companies in the Houston area that claim to offer the best window and door replacement services, why should you go with us? Here’s why we stand out from the crowd:


Tasteful And Modern Designs

CMC has many years of experience working with Houston area homeowners. We have an unmistakable eye for beauty and elegance, thanks to our team of skilled professionals.

To this effect, we offer a wide range of window styles, from casement windows and awnings to double-hung windows and gliders, among many others. The right window, we believe, can make all the difference in how a room not only looks but how feels.

We also have numerous options for patio door replacement projects.

Wherever you are in Houston, we guarantee that our window and door fittings will remain as beautiful as the first day they were installed.


Big Energy Savings

You probably know this by now, but the type of window you have installed affects the energy bill of your home. They regulate the interior temperature, after all. So if you have an old window that is leaking air, you may have noticed an uptick in your energy bill.

The high-quality, tightly sealed windows provided by CMC can reduce electricity costs, keeping the warm air outside and the cool air inside during the hot Houston summers. So there’s no need to put pressure on your A/C unit. If it’s winter, our windows are guaranteed to keep the warm room feeling comfortable and relaxed.


High-Quality Materials

It is of utmost importance that your replacement windows be made out of great quality materials. Window replacement is a valuable home improvement, and it is not a process you want to have to re-do.

We at CMC Windows and Doors care about making sure you get value for money, and that’s why we use windows and doors from Marvin, which is the industry leader.

The Promise of Professionalism And Expertise

Meticulous planning and detailed consultations are involved in the entire process we go through to give you brand-new windows that you'll love. Look at our portfolio; every project we have completed in Houston bears the mark of our commitment to excellence.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with not only the highest quality materials — which is where Marvin comes in — but the most reliable service when getting your windows installed.

This is why, when you finalize the purchase of your replacement windows, the team of professionals from CMC Windows and Doors will come to your Houston home to provide expert installation, ensuring maximum efficiency. So don’t worry — leave it to us!


A Warranty for Reassurance

All doors and windows provided by CMC promise durability and quality as a priority. Our expert installation is done such that windows can live up to their promise of withstanding many years.

However, if something does go wrong, you can rest assured that it’s taken care of. All of our installations come with a warranty to ensure that your new products are protected.


When to Replace Your Windows

Not sure whether to repair your windows or get new ones? Perhaps not all the windows of your house need to be replaced, but you may need to have some windows in your home replaced.

Various factors determine this, like:


Visibly Damaged Window Glass

The most obvious indicator that you need a replacement window is visual. Do you notice cracks or degradation?

A damaged window is prone to breaking apart completely, which creates conditions for pests, water seepage, mildew, mold, and even intruders to intercept your home.


Drafty Windows

Do you notice that your windows are letting hot or cold air seep through?

There is an easy method to check for windows drafts. Close your window and seal it properly. Then, place your hand at the top or bottom of your window, wherever the frame and the sash meet. You have a draft if you feel air coming inside.

Drafty windows are a leading cause of high energy bills. Because cold air is seeping out and hot air is seeping in, your HVAC system has to work harder to regulate your home's temperature. Beyond increasing electricity bills, this also shortens your HVAC’s life.

So, replacing your windows with ones that are energy-efficient can bring about a notable decrease in your monthly bills.


Condensation Inside Glass of Window

Another important sign that you need your windows replaced is condensation on the inside of your window between the panes of glass. This indicates that air is leaking out of your windows and the protective gasses have vanished.

That is how you can tell that the airtight seal of your old windows has become ineffective, letting insulating gas pass into your house.


Faded Furniture And Carpet Near Windows

Do your windows offer UV protection?

If they don’t, there is a very telltale sign of that. Notice the carpet, furniture, décor, and rugs near your window, where they are exposed to sunlight. Do these things look faded?

Then you need to replace your windows with new windows, specifically ones that have low-emissivity (low-E) glass, which is treated with a UV and solar heat-resistant film.

The low-E glass prevents the possibility of carpet, furniture, and curtains fading and contributes to keeping your home cool.


Windows Let in Sound

Windows are supposed to dampen sound. Particularly for those who live near noisy areas such as train tracks or in close proximity to a city center, it’s important to invest in windows that have sound-dampening capabilities.


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