Window and Patio Door Replacement Missouri City, TX

Whether your windows or patio doors are old, damaged, or simply don't match your interiors, they may need to be replaced. For any of your window and patio door replacement needs in Missouri, TX, CMC Windows & Doors can be of assistance.


We can not only help you carry out the removal and installation process itself but can also help you choose the best possible product and provide finishing. You can also seek our advice on all matters regarding windows and patio doors.


While you figure out the process and understand what you need, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.  

When to Replace Your Windows and Patio Door

Do you need to replace your windows and patio door? Here are some factors that might be able to help you determine this.



If your windows and patio doors show signs of aging, it might be the right time to get them replaced. Look for rotting, leaking, drafts, mold, and rust as signs they are old. 



Are your windows and patio door still functioning properly and doing what they were designed to do? If they do not close properly or have undergone changes in size and require you to exert too much effort in simply getting them to move, you should certainly get them replaced.



According to the window codes and standards in Texas, your windows should provide energy efficiency by meeting suitable criteria such as air leakage, solar heat gain, and several others. If they don’t, chances are that they are increasing your bills. You can have them replaced and up to code to save some money and energy.



If your windows and patio door have undergone too much damage, you should get them replaced. The damage could be due to corrosion as a result of age and the climate or it could be because of an accident that occurred. If this damage has changed the structure and affected the functionality, it is best to get new ones.



You might simply not like or enjoy the look that your windows and patio doors provide. They may also not match well with the rest of your interior design choices. This can be reason enough for a replacement.

How to Make a Choice

Whether you want new windows or a patio door, they need to be up to the mark in the following ways, so keep these in mind while making your choice.


  •       Your patio door and windows should provide enough protection and resistance against the weather changes, such as heat, wind, rain, hurricanes, humidity, and cold.


  •       Your patio door and windows should provide efficiency while also fitting well into the frame to close properly. They should also be durable.


  •       The design and appearance should be to your liking. Make sure you have plenty of options to choose from.



Finding the Right Contractor

The kind of contractor you choose for the process can make a huge difference. There are many contractors in Missouri City, but here’s how we can offer an edge.



We can offer several design options from our existing catalog and the brands that we work with. You can also ask for our advice on the design or simply tell us what you have in mind. We also offer plenty of customization in case you want us to make certain changes.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency from new windows and patio doors is key for reducing your bills and saving energy. Your windows and patio door will be installed up to code and to industry standards.


The Window and Patio Door Installation Process

Installing the windows and patio door is also another service we provide. Once you select the design we will then take technical measurements to submit to the factory. Once your order has been received from the factory, we can set up an appointment for our installation team to install your new windows and doors.



We offer high-quality products. You will be able to enjoy your replacement windows and patio doors for many years to come, as well as have sufficient protection from the elements. No matter what kind of design you choose, the materials are durable and can look great in your house.



In case there is an issue, all of our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, we offer a two-year workmanship warranty in case there are any problems with how the installation was carried out, however, our installers are trained and certified by our manufacturers to make sure that our products are installed correctly.


Our Brands

In addition to providing efficient solutions and a wide range of product options, we work with Marvin Windows and Doors, which can be customized to meet your needs. All of the materials they offer are of great quality and can contribute to appearance, durability, and stability.

The Marvin Window and Door product lines include the Signature Ultimate line, the Elevate line, and the Essential line. The Ultimate line is Marvin’s flagship product, which offers an aluminum-clad exterior and a wood interior. The Elevate line offers a fiberglass exterior and a wood interior. The Essential line offers fiberglass for both interior and exterior.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will Window Replacement Cost?

This can vary based on the number of windows and doors being replaced, the product line selected, and if any customizations are needed. Furthermore, what materials you choose, what style you prefer, and how the existing structure looks can all affect the cost.


Is It Necessary to Replace My Windows?

Not all windows in your home may need to be replaced. We can evaluate your current windows and let you know which ones are in critical condition. Sometimes repairing windows is not the best choice because it may cost more money in the long run as opposed to just replacing them from the start. Since we are a full-service company, we do not offer any replacement services.


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