Why Ultrex Fiberglass Over Vinyl?

Benefits and Features of Integrity by Marvin Windows and Patio Doors

At CMC, we provide our clients with only top-of-the-line products and services. That is why we use only Marvin Windows and Doors as our provider of fine materials to have installed in your home. The benefits and features of Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors are unmatched in the industry, providing long-lasting, high-quality materials to your home and showing off stunning, picturesque views outside of your space.

What Sets Integrity by Marvin Apart

There are plenty of things that make Integrity by Marvin unique. The line has been around since 1994 and all its products are manufactured from within the United States. Marvin’s superior service designs products from this line with their focus on incredible craftsmanship and unquestionable performance. That, however, is not the true selling point of the Integrity line.

The products that are a part of the Integrity line have been manufactured using a state-of-the-art material called Ultrex Fiberglass, which is what gives the Integrity line the added wow factor that makes it so special. But what is it that makes Ultrex Fiberglass the best material in the industry for windows and patio doors?

The Making of Ultrex Fiberglass

Integrity by Marvin products all are made using Ultrex Fiberglass, a material that is synonymous with innovation and excellence. Ultrex Fiberglass has been on the market for two decades now, and has outperformed and outlasted the competition in every sense of the word since its introduction to the industry. On nearly every measurable scale, it has blown the competition out of the water, earning its place in the industry and its reputation as the top-of-the-line resource for windows and patio doors. Having been rigorously tested for quality, Marvin Fiberglass windows have never failed to measure up against the challenges thrown at them.

Ultrex Fiberglass is a pultruded fiberglass composite, a composite being the combination of two or more materials to yield attributes greater than what could be expected of a single material alone. The pultrusion process involved continuous cables of glass being saturated with specially compounded resins, pulled through a heated die, and cut using blades made with diamond edges. To finish off the product, it is mechanically bonded with a patented acrylic finish. The result is a product that is beautiful, elegant, and most importantly, provides unmatched performance capabilities.

The Merit of Ultrex Fiberglass

As a building material, Ultrex Fiberglass just may be the best option available on the market. It boasts the strength of steel, with just one square inch able to support up to 34,000 pounds. It is 8 times stronger than vinyl alone, and 3 times stronger than vinyl/wood composites available, such as Fibrex while still offering a competitive or cheaper price than our competitors. This noteworthy strength of Ultrex, therefore, allows for narrower frames and wider views, not to mention the ability to stand up to years of Mother Nature’s harshest conditions without batting an eye.

Ultrex Fiberglass is extremely durable and strong which means that it won’t warp, bow, bend or crack like vinyl or vinyl/wood composites in Colorado’s wide range of weather conditions. Our products give you peace of mind and stand the test of time therefore you will not have to continue to replace your windows and patio doors every few years.

Ultrex fiberglass windows and Ultrex fiberglass patio doors offer the kind of quality your home deserves, and give you the sort of peace of mind you need in knowing that your windows and patio doors won’t need replacing for many years to come. Therefore, more and more of our clients are choosing Integrity windows and doors when deciding on the right option to have installed in their home.

The Innovation, Quality, and Variety Your Home Deserves

Having Ultrex fiberglass windows in Colorado like those offered by the Integrity line will make a huge difference in giving your home the upgrade it deserves. Letting natural light into the home, and serving as a decorative element for any space in and of itself, Integrity windows and doors are the ultimate choices when it comes to window and patio door installations.

The brand offers a variety of options for consumers to choose from in finding the option that best matches the atmosphere and aesthetic of their home. With three different lines under Integrity, all incorporating the incredible power of Ultrex, there is plenty of variety to help you find an option that matches your style. At CMC Windows and Doors, we offer products from two lines, which include Wood-Ultrex, featuring an actual wood interior with a durable Ultrex exterior, and all Ultrex, which boasts both an interior and exterior manufactured from Ultrex.

With so many different options and customizable features to make your selection from, the Integrity line makes it simple to find a window or patio door option that flawlessly complements your home.

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When it’s time for window and patio door replacement, here at Marvin Windows and Doors by CMC, we believe that you should always seek an upgrade. The Integrity line offers something new and innovative for any home, and if you believe it sounds right for you and your home’s unique needs, then get in touch with us today! We can aid you in the process of getting your new windows or patio doors up and running in no time. From choosing the type of product your home needs, getting it custom-made to order through Marvin, installing it into your home, and providing you with a comprehensive warranty even after we’ve left your property, we’ve got you covered.

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