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Texas receives its share of changing seasons, with everything from chilly winters to full-swing hurricane season. For this reason, property owners in the greater Houston, TX, area understand the value of using quality windows in a residential property.

At CMC Windows and Doors, our team specializes in high-quality professional help with home improvements and business renovations in Houston and the surrounding coastal region. We offer installation services for vinyl windows and doors as well as any structural alterations, painting, trim work, or staining associated with the process.

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What Are Vinyl Windows?

Most people know that windows come in many different shapes and sizes. However, less common knowledge includes the multiple types of glass used in different windows, the existence of single pane, double pane, and even triple pane setups, and the benefits of different framing materials, among other information.

Traditional window framers used wood to set window glass, sometimes coupled with stainless steel or another metal. Over time, wooden framing can succumb to cracking, splitting, warping, mold, and rot.

Fortunately, today’s vinyl technology can mimic the appearance of a traditional window while offering improved durability and reduced environmental impact. Vinyl windows use a frame that consists of moldable, resilient PVC, a type of composite plastic found in most modern plumbing, and many types of flooring and roofing. 

When to Upgrade to Vinyl Windows 

Many property owners hesitate to upgrade the windows in their homes citing budget concerns, timing issues, and other factors. Instead, many use DIY homebrew solutions to attempt to solve major problems like poor insulation, damaged window frames, and cracked glass.

Unfortunately, putting off window replacements or using DIY fixes might cost more than it’s worth. High utility bills, reduced indoor comfort, and unusual indoor humidity are common issues.

To avoid these problems, try upgrading to vinyl windows if: 

  • Your windows no longer open or close
  • You feel frequent cold or hot drafts around your windows
  • You have excessive condensation buildup on your windows
  • Your window frames are decayed or damaged
  • Your windows become damaged during storms
  • Your windows are old or single pane

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The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows offer a lot for property owners needing new windows or a way to sustain or improve property value. 


First, vinyl windows are known to be extremely durable. PVC, the material manufacturers use when making vinyl windows, stands up against weather, moisture, and heat for far longer than traditional wood window framing. 

Improved Energy Efficiency 

Replacing old single-pane or wood-framed windows with durable, double pane vinyl options offers an affordable, energy-efficient option.

With improved sealing and reduced cold drafts or air leaks, your HVAC, air conditioning, or furnace systems can operate at peak efficiency. As a result, you may even see a reduction in your heating and air costs. 


These windows make an excellent choice for residences and businesses in crowded downtown Houston or along its busy highways.

Vinyl replacement windows can drastically reduce noise pollution inside your home. The high-quality seal created during installation, along with the extra pane of glass, filters out traffic, electronic noise, and other sounds far better than single-pane windows can. 


One of the most significant benefits of replacing old windows with vinyl replacement windows from CMC Windows and Doors involves weatherproofing. Stop air drafts, leaks, humidity, and other issues with sturdy, professionally installed vinyl windows.

For windows in locations that receive more direct impact from rain and severe weather, vinyl window replacements come with waterproofing of various levels. 

Easy Installation 

Vinyl replacement windows provide a superior solution when it comes to replacing your existing windows. Not only do these windows keep unwanted weather, sound, and temperatures out, they come with some of the most straightforward installation requirements of any window on the market.

Window experts like the ones you’ll work with at CMC Windows simply need to remove old windows from their existing framework and install the vinyl setup in the exact same location. The procedure requires no additional hole-cutting and does not alter existing trim or siding.

As a bonus, the easy installation also means that property owners pay less to have these windows installed compared to traditional wooden window framing. 

Reduced Maintenance Needs

Vinyl frames last longer than their wooden counterparts and require less upkeep along the way. Thanks to their PVC makeup, vinyl windows receive less wear and tear from moisture, intense heat, and severe weather. Simply wash your exterior windows along with your siding and trim, and you’re set! Our vinyl windows from Pella also carry a limited lifetime warranty which protects your investment in the event of any product failure.

Wide Color Variety 

Finally, vinyl allows manufacturers to create window frames in colors not possible with wood frames without paint. This increased variety means that property owners wanting to express their love of bold, bright colors have more options than ever before.

Vinyl windows provide significant benefits as replacement windows but also suit new construction. Choose vinyl windows first for easy window installation with either nailing flanges or block frames.

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Types of Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

If you’re considering vinyl windows or doors for your home or business, you may be wondering just how many styles are available. Fortunately, the versatility of vinyl allows manufacturers to create framing for nearly every popular window and door style. Choose from:

  • Vinyl double hung windows
  • Vinyl single hung windows
  • Vinyl slider windows
  • Vinyl awning windows
  • Vinyl casement windows
  • Vinyl bay or bow windows
  • Vinyl geometric windows
  • Vinyl picture windows
  • Vinyl patio doors
  • And more

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Top-Quality Vinyl Window Replacement and Installation in Houston from CMC Windows and Doors

At CMC Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves on providing the best window replacement and installation services in the Houston, TX, area. We offer Marvin and Pella products alongside impeccable customer service, years of industry experience, and a wealth of professional knowledge.

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