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Types of Replacement Windows

Whenever you think about replacing your windows, you need to think about the types of replacement windows on the market.

We have a huge catalog of replacement solutions for you to choose from. So, we’re going to introduce you to some of the windows that you could choose from.


Vinyl replacement windows are primarily purchased by people on a tight budget but will ending up costing more in the long run.

It’s common for customers to want to know about how green their options are. They know that they’re losing hundreds of dollars every single year because of their windows, and vinyl is no exception.

As modern home heating systems work overtime to maintain a specific temperature, many people don’t realize the problem lies with the window. Vinyl replacement products are some of the least energy-efficient options you’re likely to find. Due to the extreme temperature shifts in Colorado, vinyl lasts for a few short years.

Aluminum Clad 

It’s true that aluminum clad products are more energy efficient option than their vinyl counterparts. These types of replacement windows do have many advantages.

The biggest benefit to purchasing these products is they do provide a great degree of soundproofing. These options are most common in urban areas, where the noise of traffic could become a problem.

You’ll be shocked at the difference aluminum clad windows can make to your comfort in a noisy environment. Give us a call to learn more or to setup your free inspection. 


Do you want a type of window that protects you from potential home invaders and extreme weather conditions?

Fiberglass is known for its strength, while also providing you with energy efficiency. It’s one of the trendiest options around for new windows.

Fiberglass products also allow for a huge number of customization options. For example, your contractor could place wood over the top of it for those who prefer to have the benefits of fiberglass with that warm wood look.

On a side note, the properties of fiberglass mean that it’s by far one of the best of the energy efficient products on this list.

The reason for this is that fiberglass doesn’t expand or contract with the cold. Traditional vinyl windows do, which means that fiberglass is more environmentally friendly and more durable over a long period of time.

How Do I Choose the Right Product for Me?

There are benefits to choosing all of these window types. We have them all in our catalog, but we understand that making that final decision can be something of a hassle.

Speak to a contractor. They will be able to grasp your specific needs and then explain to you exactly which windows are ideal for you.

Don’t worry about style as much as properties because the solutions in our catalog are customizable, so what you see doesn’t have to be what you get. You’re the one in control.

Our contractors will fully collaborate with you and give you their professional opinions, so you can prioritize the things that matter most, whether that is curb appeal, energy efficiency, or soundproofing.

If you want to start choosing your windows today, speak to one of our associates by giving us a call!

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