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When you are shopping for replacement windows in Centennial, CO, you will come across several different companies. But when it comes to getting great customer service and professional installation, there are not many of them that you can rely on. That is where CMC Windows and Doors steps in.

We are here to offer the best-in-class window replacement service in Centennial, CO. Whether your old windows are showing issues due to not being properly installed or are lacking in quality, we can take care of it all.

Our replacement windows will not only excel in energy efficiency but also make a huge difference in terms of the overall vibe of the room.

We Offer The Best Replacement Windows for Centennial And Surrounding Communities

Old and damaged windows and doors are one of the reasons why you may be paying high energy bills for your Centennial, Colorado home. Well, the good news for Centennial homeowners is that our team is here to solve the issue. Wondering what makes us stand out from a regular company? 

Quality Work

First of all, the new windows you will get from us will excel in terms of quality. Whether it is wood windows, basement windows, or a double pane window, you will get nothing but the best from us. What steps are we taking to ensure that?

Well, we rely on the best window manufacturers to provide you with replacement windows. These window replacement models will be of high-quality materials and have a better build than other window units available in the market.

In other words, you'll get the most durable and appropriate windows for your house with our replacement windows in Centennial.

Styles And Options

We are proud to state that our window installation service in Centennial, Colorado utilizes many different styles of replacement windows. Whether you have a preference for vinyl windows, a double-hung window, or something that is much more customized, you can be sure to get what matches your home and budget.

The great news about our variants is that all the options will do a fantastic job of making your window really stand out in the room. You can count on them to make your home feel like home.

Energy Savings

Our best window replacement units will ensure that your energy bills are not higher than they should be. They will do an excellent job of bringing natural light into your room. And when you combine them with proper sliding or French patio doors and energy star appliances, you can drastically reduce your energy costs.

The same thing goes for the insulation. Our windows and doors will excel in keeping heat inside during the winter. They will even provide exceptional service in the summer. As a result, your house will be insulated, preventing the cool air from escaping.

Professional Installation

We rely on nothing but our professional team for our service when it comes to replacement windows in Centennial, Colorado. Our team will consider every small detail during the entire process. As a result, you will be fully satisfied with the result, whether it is a small or big job.

Fair Pricing

The thing is, our company is not here to rip off the owners of the Centennial home. Instead, we believe you should not spend more than you have to. For that reason, we are offering the right windows and doors at a very fair price.

Regardless of the criteria that you have in mind, you will get window replacements at the best price from our company. Our full-service option also includes new trim, and painting/staining of your new windows and trim for a 100% complete project. This can amount to significant savings compared to having multiple contractors complete each aspect of your job. You will also save time in dealing with only one company.

Customer Support

Our priority regarding customer satisfaction is at the topmost level. One thing that is unique about our team is they have great communication skills. Whether you have follow-up questions regarding the project or want to know about optional financing, our team is always here!

We will also get your feedback throughout the entire process. As a result, we will know all about your expectations when we replace the windows. Our after-sales service is just like our prior sales service. So, even if you face issues after the window replacement, you can be assured that we are here to sort things out for you.

Are you interested in a free estimate? Contact us today for more information. Our quotes are all-inclusive for a 100% turn-key project. 


What Does The Energy Efficiency Ratings Mean for Windows?

As you are about to replace your windows, you need a fair idea about the energy efficiency ratings. This knowledge will make it easier for you to choose the right model for your home.

U-Value Or U-Factor

This rating usually ranges from 0.20 to 1.20 and it states the amount of heat that can flow through the windows. In this case, the lower the rating, the better. The window will be more energy efficient with a lower U value.

Now, when you want to increase energy efficiency and keep your interior space a little cool during the summer, you can opt for windows with a lower U-factor.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

Another factor essential for energy-efficient windows is the solar heat gain coefficient. This factor basically states the level of solar radiation that is transmitted or absorbed through the glass. Again, the lower the solar heat gain coefficient rating, the better.

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT%)

This factor states the amount of light that can pass through the window. This factor can be helpful if you are wanting more or less sunlight to permeate through your windows. 

With VLT% the lower the number, the more sun is filtered out and darkened. This can be achieved through multiple Low-E coatings or tinted windows. Our windows offer varying degrees of Visible Light Transmittance depending on your requirements.


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If you would like a free window or patio door replacement quote in Centennial or the surrounding areas, give us a call today at (720) 573-2230. Our experienced and friendly project managers can help you with every aspect of your window installation project. Whether you need a simple replacement or a complete redesign, we can help! We can also take on specialized projects that require structural changes, newly created openings, and expansion of current openings. 

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