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French doors are a stunning feature in any home, communicating elegance and tradition in any space they’re installed in. As an industry leader, the brand Marvin has a reputation that proceeds it, one of the many reasons we have decided to use them as our only supplier. Providing various options for their swinging French doors collection, Marvin continues to outdo themselves when it comes to craftsmanship, customization, and ingenuity. In an effort to guarantee that they are making products that are both structurally sound and energy efficient, Marvin has taken the classic French door and truly made it their own. Whether you are seeking a traditional set or something that predicated on durability, you can be certain that Marvin has all of the options you need for your property!

When investing in your home, you want to make sure that every penny you are spending is going to a company that knows exactly what they’re doing. Here at CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, the options and knowledge that we have regarding exterior French doors is unparalleled to most everyone in the business. By working with such a well-respected and proven supplier, along with our years of experience, we can confidently say that we are a leader in Colorado for patio door installations. To learn more about the products from Marvin we install and what we offer for warranty and consultations, continue reading!


Marvin Ultimate Swinging French Door

Relying on tradition, these doors pair a classic look with all of Marvin’s superior craftsmanship. Of the many fantastic options available with these doors, you are able to perfectly tailor them to fit your space’s needs. These doors have the capability of being equipped with a durable Ultrex sill, multi-point locking system, adjustable hinges, and are offered in up to 14 feet in width.  You also have the option to select from many casing and glass types that these particular doors can be made from, allowing you to achieve even the most modern or traditional look. Available in both an inswing or outswing, these swinging doors also have the option of coming with screens. An endless array of choices, Marvin’s traditional exterior French doors are truly the epitome of modernity, thanks to their innovative and endless customizable options.


Marvin Ultimate Swinging Arch Top French Door

One of the most unique and eye-catching doors we offer, the Marvin Ultimate Swinging Arch Top French Door is a true showstopper. Bringing true elegance to any space it is installed, these stunning archways suggest a regal atmosphere for any space. Made utilizing all of Marvin’s most innovative and current technologies, the swinging arch top French door takes a classic staple and catapults it into modernity. Similar to other Marvin products, you have the ability to hand-select every feature of these doors, starting from the way the doors open, glass type, hardware, sills, screens, and much more. Considering the high level of customizability that is offered with these royal-looking doors and the fact that they are CE certified, you can be certain you are making a selection well-worth your while.


Marvin Elevate Inswing or Outswing French Door

Formerly the Integrity Wood-Ultrex French Door, both of these options offer a pairing of wood and Ultrex to create a durable and long-lasting product. With the interior of these doors being made from stunning pine and the exterior consisting of Ultrex, you can be certain you will retain a harmonious balance of strength and beauty. A lovely option for people that are wanting a completely unobstructed view, you can enjoy doors that are up to eight feet in height and feel confident in having installed CE certified products that are energy efficient. With the ability to tailor every aspect of these doors to match both the interior and exterior of your property, you can be certain you are selecting a durable product that is the ultimate pairing of practicality and functionality, regardless of whether you select an inswing or outswing.


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Among the many reasons that we use Marvin products, the fact that we can customize every door we order is the leading factor. In using them as our only supplier, we are able to provide customers with an experience unlike many others they’ve ever encountered. With Marvin, we are able to offer every single customer a truly tailored set of French doors that complements their property. Whether you want to select the type of wood used, glass, hardware, screen options, or casing, you literally have a seemingly endless amount of options to choose from with Marvin. Even more, thanks to our team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we have the knowledge you need when it comes to selecting your exterior French doors. If you are someone that struggles to make a decision or is unsure of where to start on your project, leave it with us; we promise that we can help you narrow down your options and get you the best patio doors for your space.

Our customers always boast of our services, particularly the fact that we provide a warranty on all of the products installed by us. With so many other window companies throughout Colorado not offering a warranty on their service, our clients feel at ease ordering with us because they know we are involved in their investments, even after the installation. From start to finish, CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors wants to give you the best return on your dollar possible! This is why we offer a free, initial consultation where one of our team members advises you on your options. To learn more about our products, warranty, or your free consultation, please get in touch about your French patio doors by filling out the inquiry form on the website or telephoning us at (720) 573-2230!

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