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Specialty Windows


Specialty windows allow a lot of room for freedom and versatility in a home, providing the opportunity to let creativity shine through while bringing a unique element into any room. Not all windows are created equal, and those looking for a more unusual shape might have trouble finding a company capable of fulfilling their requirements. However, at CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, this is a complete nonissue, as we are capable of fulfilling even the most extraordinary of requests. Each product we provide our clients with is custom made to order, meaning that it is simple for us to create exactly the product you are looking for.

Specialty windows, in their unique essence, can’t help but draw the attention of the people in the room. Windows are always an excellent lighting solution, letting in plenty of Colorado sunshine, and unique windows introduce a certain wow factor into the space, giving it just the right atmosphere to complement the theme of any home. At CMC, we use only products from Marvin Windows and Doors to ensure the ultimate level of quality for our clients. To learn more about the custom options Marvin offers for specialty windows, see below.

Marvin Special Shapesmarvin-octagon-window

If you are looking for windows as unique as your home, then Marvin Special Shapes windows just might be what you need. These windows add dramatic dimension to your specialty window design. We have various shapes to help you find the ideal match for the window shape you need. Many of our special shape windows feature in-sash options to match the other windows in your home, and many are operable as well!

Marvin Cornermarvin-corner-window

For those looking to show off the view in their home, Marvin Corner windows help to make your landscape a focal point of any room. Corner windows introduce a new, unique element to the exterior as well as the interior of your home, while also maximizing your view of the outdoors.

Marvin Pivotmarvin-pivot-window

This window comes in both oval and circle shapes and offers an excellent window solution for unique spaces. A great stand-alone window or complement to the rest of your windows, this versatile option easily opens to a full 90-degree angle. A beautiful design, Marvin Pivot windows are a great way to bring a special element into any room.



Marvin Rotarymarvin-rotary-window

The Marvin Rotary window features innovation and exceptional design. It is ideal for allowing air and light into smaller spaces, such as gables or attics. It is very similar to the Marvin Pivot window, but is differentiated by its rotating sash—which can rotate full circle or stop anywhere in between, letting in just the right amount of ventilation for any occasion. The high level of quality and design of this model offer an element of interest to any room.

Integrity All Ultrex Polygonintegrity-wood-ultrex-specialty-polygon-windows

All Ultrex Polygon Integrity windows come in shapes as exotic as pentagons and triangles, and as simple as rectangles. With 8 unique shapes available in all, clients have the flexibility to let their imaginations run free. Not only that, but courtesy of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass and its precision and strength, these windows can span as much as 49-square feet, and have up to a span of 9-feet.

Integrity Wood-Ultrex Polygonintegrity-all-ultrex-polygon-specialty-window

Like the Integrity All Ultrex Polygon Window, the Wood-Ultrex version comes in eight shapes that are truly unique, making this model the most versatile one we offer. This option makes picture windows as sizable as 8-feet by 6-feet completely plausible, thanks to Ultrex fiberglass’s superior strength. The wood interior offered by these window models, too, is just another thing that makes it a stunning option. The beautiful wood design will help it match the look of any interior space in your home.

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As we only use the highest quality products available on the market, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, durability, and beauty, you can rest assured that any window replacement service you receive from us will most definitely be an upgrade.

Getting your windows replaced with a specialty window company could not be easier than it is with CMC. Regardless of what you are looking for, we can help you every step of the way from choosing the right window for your needs and getting it ordered, to having your window installed, and right through to making good on the warranty we offer on each and every one of our installed products. You can trust that CMC has everything you need in one convenient location. Call us today for our service warranty details.

Choosing to work with CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors means you are choosing to work with a company that will give you expert assistance and guidance throughout the duration of your project. To get in touch with us today, you can call us at (720) 573-2230 or simply fill out the form on our website to request your free window and patio door consultation!


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