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While there are always plenty of options for people to select from for sliding patio doors, Marvin is truly the most reliable and desired option. When you are installing patio doors in your home, there is much that has to be considered because often, they are among the most used doors in your home. This means it is essential that they are well-made to withstand the heavy foot traffic that will inevitably go through them, proving that they can withstand the abuse and perform under tremendous amounts of stress. Also, finding sliding glass patio doors that are able to function under these stiff requirements, while also fitting into the aesthetic of your space, can be difficult. By only using Marvin products, we are able to guarantee that your sliding doors will exceed your expectations in every way.  For doors that will operate smoothly every time, Marvin is a sliding door company that has perfected flawless maneuverability. Here at CMC, our experience installing exterior doors in properties affirm that we have made the right choice in only installing Marvin. Determine which sliding patio doors are going to suit you!

Marvin Ultimate Sliding French Door

A classic design in an unconventional way, the Marvin Sliding French doors are a popular option that many property owners select for their space. Allowing you to experience the elegance of a traditional French door, while simultaneously saving space, these particular patio doors are a popular selection. Constructed from only the most excellent wood, you will be stunned by the graceful operation as the door slides on the durable Ultrex sill. There are many compelling features to these openings. Available up to 16 feet, these are low maintenance options, thanks to the Kynar finish that translates into ultra-resistance to common issues, like fading or chalking. The options are practically endless when it comes to the exterior colors and casing options that are available, with the interior aesthetics ranging in various types of woods. Paired with the option to select the glass, hardware, sills, shades, and much more, these are among the most eccentric and customizable exterior sliding French doors that are available on the current market.

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Marvin Sliding Patio Door

With modernity, elegance, and practicality in mind, the Marvin Sliding Patio Door truly encapsulates a brilliant upgrade on standard patio doors. Predicated on operating in the most efficient manner possible, these doors utilize the ever-durable Ultrex sill that allows them to glide smoothly every time. Marvin’s clad-wood exteriors mean that this door is equipped to withstand a vast range of weather conditions, along with being available in a massive selection of colors to match the façade of the property. Durable glass, a stunning and massive range of interior finishes, eclectic hardware options, and high-performing sills that makes this installation energy efficient, truly sets this sliding door apart from any of its competitors. With the option to completely tailor every inch of this project to meet your space’s specifications, these are unparalleled sliding glass doors that will impress for years to come.



Marvin Elevate Sliding French Door

Formerly known as the Integrity Wood-Ultrex Sliding French door, the Elevate line features a fiberglass exterior with wood interior. Many feel that they have to skimp out on the aesthetics of a French door because of how they open, but with Marvin Elevate, you can enjoy the timelessness of a French door that functions on a sliding mechanism. Set apart in numerous ways, this door operates on a wide stile-and-rail system that highlights the wooden interior, with the Ultrex fiberglass allowing for a durable and long-lasting exterior that requires little effort. Highly customizable, these doors can be ordered as large as 12 feet in width and 8 feet in height, providing a new range of design opportunities. The ultimate option for people that are looking to truly invest in a patio door for their property, these come with dual-ball bearing rollers, insulated glass with argon gas, and CE certified for energy efficiency. With the Ultrex exterior, you don’t have as many options for colors with this door, but you can feel confident as the finish is 3x thicker than all competitors’ finishes.  With all of the excellent options that come with this unconventional French door, you can be certain you have selected a piece that goes beyond the standard in every way!


Marvin Elevate Sliding Patio Door

Formerly known as the Integrity Wood-Ultrex Sliding Patio Door, this Elevate door features a slimmer profile compared to it’s French door counterpart. A perfecting pairing of traditional style and sturdiness, these sliding glass doors were created for those interested in a durable piece that will both captivate and function to the highest standards. With a wooden interior and Ultrex fiberglass exterior, this sliding patio door turns convention on its head as one of the toughest options available on the market. Considering the amount of traffic a sliding door sees and the range of weather they are exposed to, it is important to make a smart investment when purchasing a patio entrance. Among the many excellent features that come with this selection, there are an exorbitant amount of options that allow you to tailor this door to the entryway in your property, meaning you can select an ultra-strong door that outperforms most thanks to the durable exterior while maintaining a classic look thanks to its wooden interior.


Marvin Essential Sliding Patio Door

Formerly known as the Integrity All-Ultrex Sliding Patio Door, the Essential line features fiberglass on both the interior and exterior. Searching for a piece that provides a chic look, strong interior and exterior, and opens up the space for a completely uninterrupted view? The Essential All Ultrex Sliding Patio Door offers this along with a contemporary design that captivates many property owners. Paired with the assurance that this door is both highly functional, long-lasting, and customizable, those seeking to add true value to space can’t go wrong in selecting this piece.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide custom sliding glass doors?

Yes, we provide custom sliding glass doors. All of our doors can be custom-sized and offer a number of other customizations including your choice of interior and exterior colors, hardware finishes, glass upgrades, grids/grilles, panel configurations, and multi-point locking systems.


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