At CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, we strive to bring our clients superior products each and every time. That is why we work exclusively with Marvin Windows and Doors to bring clients everything they need for their window or patio door replacement projects. Marvin Windows and Doors provides exemplary products made with incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail, consistently performing at the standard of quality we expect for our clients.

Many customers are looking for windows and patio doors with built-in blinds between the glass. When it comes to the shade solution for your home, Marvin Windows and Doors is unquestionably the best producer on today’s market. Producing shades that are fully integrated with the windows and patio doors providing maximum functionality.

Capable of lending themselves to any given situation or necessary atmosphere, Marvin shades can be just what you need them to be. Utilizing a revolutionary interior shade system, the technology Marvin uses is the first of its kind on the market. The selection of shades are available to fit a wide range of Marvin Windows and Door products, making it easy for clients to get a seamless fit that is easy to use and to cater to the amount of light or visibility desired in the room at any given time.

Benefits and Features of Marvin Shadesmarvin-french-door-shades

Shades from Marvin offer ultimate convenience, functionality and style. Because Marvin also produces the windows and doors themselves we offer at CMC, the fit is seamless and hassle-free. Having windows with built in shades from Marvin makes it easy to control the light, warmth, and visibility being allowed into your home without taking up extra space or interfering with hardware.

Offering both windows and doors with built in shades, the wide selection Marvin offers for its window and patio doors also applies to their shades as well.

In addition, the doors and windows with built in shades from Marvin feature mechanisms that are completely concealed, heightening their look of simplicity and increasing their aesthetic appeal.

Marvin Shades are Varied and Customizable

Giving our clients the ultimate level of customization, these shades are available in both light filtering and blackout fabrics, making it the homeowner’s decision as to how much light and privacy they want from their shades.

The wooden surrounding frame of the shades can be made to match the interior finish of any Marvin door or window, giving our clients the versatility to work with any Marvin window or door they would like in their home. In addition, the fifteen colors available for the fabric itself makes it easy for clients to match or complement nearly any home interior.

Marvin’s revolutionary interior shade system isn’t only limited to basic windows and doors, either. It’s also available to those looking for sliding glass doors with shades or French doors with shades as well.


Built to Lastmarvin-patio-door-shades

The shade material used in this system by Marvin is anti-static, soil and dust resistant, and liquid resistant. That means that your windows with built in shades will be looking good for the long haul, functioning flawlessly for years to come and looking as bright and clean as they were when you first called on CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors to have them installed in your home.

These shades are expected to last for long periods of time, built to stand against the test of time and continue looking and working at their best. We trust Marvin’s products for all of the projects we complete because we know that, when it comes to windows and doors with built in shades, Marvin is the most trustworthy and high quality name in the business.

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Whether you are in search of a window or patio replacement job to be fulfilled by our team of professionals here at CMC, rest assured that the shades that come with the new addition to your home will be top notch. Our clients love the customizable, durable, and stylish results they get from the shades Marvin provides.

At CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, we understand that you might need different requirements from your shades depending on the time of day and the event taking place. During the daytime, you may be happy to let in the maximum amount of natural light to brighten up your home, but during the evening, you may want to ensure you are filtering light and maximizing privacy. Not only that, but during a party or event you are hosting in your home, you might want to let in only partial lighting to set a certain mood or limit the visibility of your home’s interior from the outside.

At CMC, we are the local window company you can trust to get your window or patio door project done right the first time, with the perfect shades to ensure maximum functionality, convenience, style, and durability.

We are a full service window and patio door replacement company, which means that we will be by your side during every step of the process of getting this new addition to your home set up exactly to your liking. From sales, to installation, to the warranty we provide on all of our installed products, you can trust that our experts will be there to provide you customer service and guidance. Give us a call for our service warranty details.

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