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Glider windows are a popular method of bringing a new and unique addition to your living room, kitchen, or any other relevant space in your property. At CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, we offer glider windows in all shapes and sizes, as they are highly customizable and come with nearly endless styles and variations. To achieve this, we rely on the Marvin brand of windows to get the job done. Functioning very similarly to sliding doors, glider windows function in a sliding motion from right to left. Innovative and completely durable, Marvin’s glider windows come equipped with their high-style and well-made product tags. Sliding windows are the perfect way to compliment both the exterior and interior aesthetics of your property, ultimately impressing your guests and achieving a look you can feel proud of. With us, you can be certain we work hard at getting your windows replaced in order to exceed your expectations and enhance your space.

At CMC, we use only Marvin products to ensure that all of our clients are getting nothing less than the quality they deserve. Highly customizable and versatile, you are able to special order the exact dimensions, style, and preferences you want when working with us. With each individual product being custom-made, our clients can rest easy knowing that their project is getting the individual time and attention to detail that it should. Here are the glider window options we use from Marvin that you can select from.


Marvin Ultimate Glider

Those looking for quality, excellent craftsmanship and a contemporary design will find everything that they are looking for in the Marvin Ultimate Glider window style. This model comes with an ergonomic handle and superior hardware to make these windows easy to use. It features a two-point concealed lock, meaning these windows automatically lock when it is in the closed position, thus enhancing the security of your home. The window also comes with an easy-wash feature, making the window even simpler to use and maintain by allowing it to tilt inward for cleaning access. With the option to select the interior and exterior finish, a wide range of casings, glass types, hardware, and much more, you can truly make these windows your own. A great way to save space in areas that cannot accommodate a swinging window and the ultimate alternative for those seeking something different, the Marvin Ultimate Glider is a great addition to any room in your home.


Marvin Ultimate OXXO Glider

The Marvin Ultimate OXXO Glider offers the same clean and contemporary feel of the Marvin Ultimate Glider, but with some thrilling additions to add an interesting element to the model. It features two center panels that are able to slide to each side of the window, revealing an unbarred opening. The two center panels are framed by a fixed glazed sash, and the model can span to as much as 12 feet, with the height able to be up to 6 feet. Pairing the already unique feel of a glider window with multiple panels, this piece can channel a traditional or modern design depending on how you customize it. Offering a beautiful expanse in a kitchen or bedroom, the OXXO Glider is a special window that will add character to any property.


Marvin Essential Glider

Each Essential Glider (formerly the Integrity all-ultrex Glider) window is made to operate horizontally, which differentiates them from other glider windows that are often double hung windows installed sideways. In addition, the interior and exterior manufactured from strong Ultrex fiberglass, which allows the window to glide smoothly and without trouble, even on larger models. If you are looking for a durable, low-maintenance option, this may be an excellent choice for you. Considering that you can also have a say regarding certain features, you get a true gliding window that you can be certain is a great investment for your property, thanks to its long-life.




Marvin Elevate Glider

Marvin Elevate Gliders (formerly the Integrity Wood-Ultrex Glider) offer all of the quality and modernity of the Essential glider, with the addition of wood to add a more decorative element to the design. The gorgeous wood in this model will help it to match the theme and style of any room in your home. These models are beautiful, stylish, and durable—and not to mention space saving, making them ideal for rooms that do not have enough space for a swinging sash. What is most amazing about this particular product is the level of customization you still get. Choose from various options for your interior look, along with various colors for the Ultrex trim and exterior options. Addition, these windows tilt inward to allow for ease while cleaning and come with the options for the screen, proving just how versatile and user-friendly they really are.


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There are a lot of steps involved in getting your glider windows selected, customized, and installed, so it is important that you choose a retailer that knows what they’re doing. With CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, we make the entire process easier than you can imagine, assisting and providing you with guidance every step along the way. With so many customizations and options to choose from, along with our professional team, you can trust that you will be aided throughout the process of getting your new windows from start to finish. We even offer a warranty on all of our installations, so if there is an unforeseen issue after the fact, your warranty may have you covered! Call us for our service warranty details.

At CMC, our team of professionals will provide you with quality customer service along the way to help you make an informed decision regarding the types of windows you should have installed in your home. If you’re ready to start the process of getting your replacement sliding windows installed today, get in touch with us by either calling us at (720) 573-2230 or filling out the form on our website to request your free window and patio door consultation.

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