Double Hung Windows


Double hung windows are versatile window options that feature two sashes—enabling the window to be opened from either the bottom up or the top down. This type of window gives homes owners a variety of ventilation options.

At CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors we offer some of the most innovative and quality double hung window designed, custom manufactured by Marvin to fit your project needs. Marvin is a top manufacturer pick by architects because of the unmatched quality and superior craftsmanship evident in every product that they create.

Some of the top advantages of double hung windows include:

  • Versatile ventilation options

Because these windows can either be opened from the bottom up, or top down, you can maximize airflow in your home by choosing the ventilation method that you prefer. You can even open both sashes at the same time in order to allow hot air to escape from one opening and cool air to enter from the other.

  • Easy to clean

Double hung windows are optimized for easy cleaning, as the bottom section of the window can often be tilted open by unlocking it at the top and pulling it down towards the inside of the home. This allows you to rest the glass on your knee or on a table or chair while you easily clean the outside of the window. This feature is exceptionally convenient for apartments and multi-story homes because it eliminates the need for tall ladders in order to clean the outside of your windows.

  • Style

Double Hung windows can be extremely elegant and improve the overall aesthetic of your property. Marvin offers a variety of double hung windows to meet a variety of design criteria, so whether you are hoping to achieve a modern look or replicate historic and traditional elegance, this type of window design can provide style, authenticity, and a lot of natural light.

All of these advantages are enhanced by the Marvin brand, whose expert innovators and designers are constantly finding new ways to improve the quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of their products. When you shop through CMC, we work to match you with the best product to fit the specific needs and objectives of your project.


Marvin Next Generation Ultimate Double Hungultimate-double-hung-windows-next-gen

One of the most popular and newest double hung window styles by Marvin is their next generation ultimate design. This window option combines innovative technology with timeless design. The multi-point locking system featured in this window increases the functionality and user friendliness of this design—allowing you to easily lock your window into place, secure it partially open in ventilation-mode, and close it tightly in order to increase your home insulation. The structural performance of this window is top rated and designed to eliminate air secretion when shut. This window also features easy tilt, making it simple and convenient to clean, and the standard model is very stylish with a wood interior and satin taupe locks. This newest design offers a huge selection of cladding exterior finishes (including custom colors) and various interior and casting options so that you can achieve the perfect style for your project.


Marvin Ultimate Double Hung and Ultimate Magnum Double Hungdouble-hung-windows

A popular product for historic remodels is Marvin’s Ultimate Double Hung design. This all-wood window option features an integrated tilt lever for easy glass cleaning. For those seeking large windows, the Ultimate Magnum Double Hung design is available in large dimensions for maximum visual impact.

While the standard Ultimate Double Hung design is only available in wood exterior finishes, the Ultimate Magnum Double Hung design can be customized from a variety of aluminum clad options (in standard or custom colors) or wood exterior finishes. The Magnum Double Hung option also offers more casting and interior finishes as well. Both of these Marvin products can be customized in several round top styles for those seeking a traditional or historic look. Options for historic projects also include authentic or uneven lite patterns, checkrail units, and various stile and rail widths so that your new windows and perfectly match existing profile.

Marvin Double Hung Chain and Pulleymarvin-chain-and-pully-double-hung

The chain and pulley option is perfect for those seeking to replicate the authenticity of traditional double hung windows. This product was originally created as a custom solution by the brand’s signature service, and can now be purchased in a variety of finishes and style options. This all-wood design creates a warm and sophisticated atmosphere, combining an old world aesthetic with cutting edge structural innovation.



Marvin Elevate & Essential Double Hungintegrity-double-hung-window

Both of these window designs are fortified with reinforced Ultrex fiberglass for maximum durability. Elevate and Essential double hung (formerly the Integrity wood-ultrex or all-ultrex) windows are also manufactured for easy tilt and cleaning thanks to the dual operating sashes. Both of these products offer traditional colonial aesthetics and the All Ultrex design is also available in equal, reverse cottage, or standard cottage sash styles. You can customize both of these products with a wide selection of exterior finishes to match the style and color scheme of your home. However, the interior finish varies between these two products; the Essential double hung option features a low-maintenance stone white pultruded Ultrex interior finish, whereas the Elevate option allows you to choose between an elegant bare pine wood finish or a prefinished white wood interior.

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In addition to the many Marvin window products to choose from, customers shopping with CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors can also benefit from the many size, color, glass, screen, grille, and hardware customization options available. Our mission is not only to match you with the best product for your unique project but also help you along the way, from start to finish. Our full-service approach includes supplying you with top of the line materials, installing your new windows and doors, and performing any warranty repairs or replacements that arise on the product that we install in the rare event that they are needed. Contact us for our service warranty details.

New windows can make a huge difference to your property, and the many benefits of double hung windows will provide timeless elegance and exceptional functionality for many years to come.

If you are working on a remodel and are ready to purchase new double hung windows for your home, our experts at CMC can help you in every step of your project. To receive a free window and patio door consultation, fill out our online form or give us a call today.

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