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casement-windowsAt CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, we only use Marvin products because they are the classic and ultimate option for homes. A casement window is when the sashes are connected to the frame of the window by hinges. They are also defined by the hinges being placed on the side of the frame, with the entire window having the capability to swing either inward or outward. Depending upon the style you prefer for your installation, we give you the option to select from a wide range of Marvin products in order to customize how your casement windows will function in your space. A simple and refined option, at CMC we know the importance of using only superior products for all that we offer.


Marvin Ultimate Casement

Many gravitate to this particular window type offered by Marvin. As a fully optimized casement window, this state-of-the-art piece is a testament to the superior artistry that this brand embodies. Featuring a recessed sash that portrays a more traditional aesthetic, this window offers the biggest wood or clad casement in the industry at 36’x102” or 44”x91 1/8”. Available for projects ranging from newer builds to renovation, these windows offer the patented cleaning access, easy to open mechanism, and a vast variety of casings, window options, wood types, exterior finishes, hardware, and much more.



Marvin Ultimate French Casement and Push Out French Casement

Differentiating from the ultimate casement, these windows were carefully created to suggest an architecturally friendly space that doesn’t concede on functionality, practicality, or efficient energy solutions. Both the Ultimate French Casement and Push Out French Casement are without a vertical post in the center and function like French doors. Among the differences between the two is the placement of the opening mechanisms. With both offering a completely unobstructed view, all users have to do is push the doors open to relish in the superiority of these amazing windows.



Marvin Ultimate Push Out Casement

A window that was created to embody convention and modernity, this is a design that provides immense value in every way. Skilled expertise in workmanship and made with top-notch materials, these windows are often the most popular alternative to crank-out-style windows. Equipped with a multi-point locking mechanism, the premier washing mode that allows easy access to the outside of the window, and an abundant amount of options for design, these are openings that illustrate the true evolution of the push out casement window.



Marvin Contemporary Casement

One of the most notable attributes of these windows is the narrow frame and flush exterior frame and sash. For projects that are looking to modernize their space, these windows are designed to do just that. An outstanding type on its own or grouped with other windows, these are offered in larger sizes and square profiles for colossal views.



Marvin Inswing Casement

An excellent way to channel the past, these windows encapsulate everything that is excellent about classic architecture. Many use this window when the outswing has the potential to affect a walkway, patio, or deck as they only open to 180 degrees. Even more, these are also available as French Inswing Casements for those who are after an expansive view without the center post.



Marvin Ultimate Venting Picture

Exclusive to the brand, this is an innovative option to capture a stunning view, especially thanks to the hidden screen system, which gives users the option to ventilate their space. Another excellent way to contribute natural light into an area, this highly customizable window option is sure to enhance any room and fit in with various types of spaces.



Elevate & Essential Casement

Well-built and practically indestructible, Elevate and Essential casement windows (formerly Integrity) are manufactured with fiberglass construction, sequential locking, and a dual-arm rotating gear operator. Proving to be a reliable type of opening, users that are looking for a long-lasting investment should consider both the all-Ultrex and wood-Ultrex options. Wood-Ultrex windows are proven to provide a more natural look for users that are interested in incorporating wood into their design, while the all-Ultrex option gives a more contemporary feel. Standing up against the harshest conditions and toughest tests, these windows truly are top of their class in every way.

An excellent choice for people that are concerned with keeping out the storm, the Elevate and Essential (formerly Integrity) casement windows perform so well, thanks to their pultruded fiberglass façade, which is fortified to withstand many weather situations. With side-hinged frames that hold enormous panes of glass, sequential locking system that is sure to keep out weather, and overall durable build, these windows are an outstanding selection for people concerned with inclement weather.




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At CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for pre-made and pre-measured windows when it comes to distinguishing your space. As one of the leading brands of windows nationally, we offer a completely customized service for casement windows using only Marvin products.

We understand that every customer varies in their individual style and requirements, which is why we have created a completely bespoke business that custom measures and makes each casement window. Whether you are building new, renovating an older space, or replacing windows, you can feel assured you have found a company that prides itself on offering you personalized treatments for all of your window and door requirements.

Further, many of our clients are surprised to discover that we offer warranty and service for all windows and doors that are installed by us. If there were ever an unforeseen reason that a window we installed in your space wasn’t performing to your standards, as long as your warranty with us is still valid, we are happy to help! To learn more about our warranty, the casement window types we can custom build, and our installation protocols, give us a call or complete the contact form on our site to receive a free window consultation.


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