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At CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors, we understand that patio doors are so much more than simply a way of getting from inside your home to out onto your patio. Patio doors are a way to let natural light into your space and increase your home’s energy efficiency. Not only that, but a truly well-designed patio door can introduce a unique aesthetic to the room it is in, or complement the atmosphere of your home. For these reasons, patio doors often become the focal point of the rooms they are in, particularly if they are overlooking an excellent view or are beautifully designed.

That is the reason why, at CMC, we strive to provide our clients with only the best options to choose from when it comes to their patio doors. The bi-fold doors we offer from Marvin are versatile, and beautiful, and are sure to upgrade any home they are installed in. If you want to increase the value of your home and wow your house guests, then our bi-fold or accordion doors are just the way to go.

We give our clients a wide array of options to choose between to ensure they get just the right door to perfectly complement their home and give it the upgrade it truly deserves.


Marvin Bi-Fold Door

The bi-folding doors available from Marvin Windows and Doors are absolutely stunning. Considered to fall under the scenic category, their wide opening makes it easy for homeowners to show off the great view their home has, let in ample natural light during the daytime, and provide elegance and decoration to any room. These doors promote openness, space, and plenty of visibility. Furthermore, they are incredibly versatile and highly customizable, making it easy for clients to make these doors a unique element all their own to bring into their homes.

bi fold doors

These doors open completely, making it easy for clients to let fresh air into their homes and set the scene for a party or other social gatherings. Able to be configured from anywhere from two to eight panels, these models can conform to most property patios. The doors are able to effortlessly fold aside, smoothly making more room on your patio for you to utilize and enjoy, all while creating a seamless connection between the outside and inside of your home.

The possibilities are nearly endless with the Marvin Bi-Fold Door, as there are so many choices for customization. If you have been looking for folding patio doors that you can make completely your own, then the search ends here. Show off your home’s one-of-a-kind view with a scenic bi-fold door all your own!


Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide Door

For people that are looking to add a dramatic statement to their spaces, the Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors were created to do just that. You have the option to customize this door immensely, as it is available in extremely large sizes and various panel configurations. Marvin has gone above and beyond with the design of this door, tying together the interior and exterior of a space, unlike normal patio doors. With all of the excellent craftsmanship options that Marvin offers, this door provides a modern feel, clean lines, and enhanced functionality incomparable to other patio doors.



These doors are available as pocket or stacked panels, up to 48-feet in width. When it comes to determining how you want the panels to function, the pocket panels will slide completely into the wall and disappear completely from view. With stacked panels, the panels slide and stack seamlessly within the door frame, offering a unified transition between the interior and exterior. For those seeking a modern look, you can opt for the 4-inch wide stile option, while there is also a 6-inch selection for a more traditional option. You can also dictate whether you want a flush or recessed sill option for the transition that your door makes.


Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door

Taking the idea of a panoramic door and changing the game, Marvin has created an unprecedented door that is guaranteed to impress both you and your guests. Of the many reasons why this door is a showstopper, Marvin has created a device that is changing the standard of patio doors across the globe and the lifestyle of those using it. Operating on either a low-profile flush sill or a multi-performance sill, this is a fully functional door that is almost as impressive as the view they are showcasing. Like all Marvin products, this door is highly-customizable.



There are many notable features that accompany this door, primarily that it is available in 56 feet in width and 12 feet in height, along with the option of bi-parting or uni-directional configurations. You have the option to select from either pocket or stacked panels, various sill options, and recessed exterior and interior pull or latch options. CE certified, Marvin has manufactured all of these doors to come with tempered one-lite Low E2 insulated glass, a multi-point locking system, bare wood interior, and much more.

Exterior Finish

The standard finish that comes with your scenic patio door from Marvin includes a 20-year warranty on the extruded aluminum exterior and a finish that offers ultimate fading and chalking resistance. There are 19 rich colors for customers to choose from, giving them the opportunity to select from a varied pallet to find the hue that best complements their home. In addition, there are three fresh and beautiful finishes to select from. If you can’t find any of Marvin’s colors that suit your taste, you will also be happy to know that Marvin offers a color-matching service to create precisely the custom shade you are seeking for the façade of your home.


The casing that surrounds your accordion door can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your Marvin Bi-Fold or scenic Door. Fortunately, there are nine different casing options for you to consider before making your final decision. With a varied range of modern, elegant, and timeless designs, it’s easy to find a casing option that you would love to have featured in your home—the hardest part is narrowing down your decision to just one.

Interior Finish 

Whatever interior finish you had in mind, chances are, Marvin can deliver. With high-quality wood options available such as Pine, or other alternate species, there is no need to fear that Marvin will fall short of your expectations. Regardless of how one-of-a-kind you want your bi-fold doors to look when they are finally installed and functioning properly in your home, Marvin is our go-to company for creating the ultimate aesthetic inside of your space.

Because wood is a natural material, it varies in texture and color. This means that each Marvin product is inherently unique and comes with its own beautiful qualities for you to enjoy and appreciate in your home’s new folding doors.

Quality Built to Last  

At Marvin Windows and Doors, aside from all of the customization options clients have to choose from and are made according to the exact dimensions specified by the client, Marvin products are all made one at a time to an extremely high standard. This ensures that each order is given the individual time and attention and detail it needs to come out looking flawless every time. Using only the best materials in the industry, Marvin is continuously on the lookout for new ways to innovate and improve their processes.

In addition to being gorgeous, versatile, and highly energy efficient, Marvin’s scenic patio doors are built to last for the long term. This means that your new replacement patio doors will be able to serve you and your home well for many years to come.

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