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Bay & Bow Windows


When it comes to giving your space the ultimate level of sophistication, style, and traditional charm, installing a bay or bow window may be exactly the route you should take. These types of windows create an inviting and old-world charm that many feel modern windows simply can’t achieve. Relying on classic lines and top-notch quality of products, the Marvin bay and bow windows rely on expert engineering that guarantees a superior level of construction. As with all of their products, the care that they take to produce a piece that truly is above the rest means they create bay and bow windows that are leaders in durability, usability, and versatility.

Bay and bow windows look extremely similar, leaving many unsure as to the difference between the two. A traditional bay window is created when a picture window is placed in the center and is flanked with two smaller windows at a precise angle. A type of window that dates back centuries, many are drawn to a bay window because of the light they emit into a space and how they make the room look larger. Whether you want to create a more dynamic space or plan to make a special nook in your home, a bay window is an excellent way to achieve dimension in any room.

Bow windows vary from bay windows in numerous ways. Unlike the bay window with its main window centered, the bow window is a connection of windows that are formed together in a slight curve. Creating a rounder effect, especially from the exterior of the home, a bow window does not rely on conjoining windows to a centerpiece to give it dimension, but instead, naturally flows in a round plane. Whether the sphere is pronounced or subtle is up to you, but Marvin bow windows are amazing because they are completely customizable to your specifications. CMC, proudly offering Marvin Windows and Doors offers various options from Marvin for people seeking either a bay or bow window. Continue reading to see what may suit your needs the best.


Marvin Bay Windowbay-windows

There is an abundant amount of reasons why people are inclined to install a lovely bay window. Traditionally, the flanked windows of the bay window are set at either 30˚, 45˚, 60˚, and 90˚ angle. But with Marvin Bay Window, you have the opportunity to customize these traditional measurements to your specifications. These windows are not confined to the traditional window types and angle degrees, meaning you are able to put them at the angle that works for your space. They can also be created from Next Generation Clad Ultimate Double Hung, Wood Ultimate Double Hung, or Ultimate Casement windows, tailoring your space to truly meet your needs.


This particular window type comes in both clad-wood and wood exterior finish and in any color you can envision. For the interior finish, you have the options of natural wood, stained wood, and paint, proving to transform your space into a warm and welcoming environment. Considering the amount of light these windows tend to let in, you also get the option to pick from various glass types: specialty, performance, and decorative. Further, you also are able to dream up any lite pattern imaginable because of the ability to custom make these window pieces. Open your space up and create the classic look you’ve always envisioned for your room with a Marvin Bay Window!

Marvin Bow Windowbow windows

The Marvin Bow Windows is an elegant and regal addition for any home. Curved with style, these too are custom designed according to the specifications of the room it is being installed in. With the ability to use Next Generation Clad Ultimate Double Hung, Wood Ultimate Double Hung, or Ultimate Casement windows, you have the ability to truly tailor your window before it is mulled together in the Marvin factory. These also come with the same extreme measures of customization, allowing you to adjust the exterior finish to practically any color you may need. The interior is also available in an abundant amount of wood, stain, and paint finishes, allowing you to truly manipulate the window to your space. With the ability to select from various types of glass pieces too, you will have plenty of options when it comes to creating a royal atmosphere in your room!


Integrity Wood-Ultrex Bay and Bow Window

Pairing timelessness with modernity, the wood-Ultrex bay or bow window combines the best of all of Marvin technology. These windows offer a low-maintenance Ultrex exterior and stunning pine interior. With the ability to create traditional custom-made bay windows and bow windows of up to five casement installations, you have the ability to combine various types of windows with these pieces. Select from various trim colors, styles, and patterns for the exterior of your Ultrex finish. With ease of use, elegance, durability, and overall excellent features, the Integrity Wood-Ultrex Bay or Bow window by Marvin may be the perfect option for your space.


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By using only Marvin windows for our installations, we are able to offer you a truly tailored experience, meaning you aren’t confined by convention. CMC prides itself on working with customers through every step of the process to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and that you understand every decision made along the way.

We are proud to offer warranty and services for any windows that are installed by us, so you can feel confident you are investing in a group that has your back even after installation. We are ready to help you with any bay or bow window question you may have, so get in touch today to learn more about our policies, warranty, and free window consultation!


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