Pella Reserve Traditional Custom Windows

Pella Reserve Traditional custom windows let you fill your home with uniquely shaped and colored fixtures that are more durable than the alternatives.

Round Custom Windows

Round windows give you more flexibility than other shapes of Pella Reserve Traditional custom windows. They’re easy to size down into quarters or halves, and you can even get them shaped into ovals, ellipticals, hexagons, and octagons. 

Though they’re not the best shapes for a window wall, they’re ideal accents since their customizability lets you find the perfect aesthetic for your home. Additionally, their soft edges and smaller size give them an excellent contemporary look you won't find anywhere else, and they come in all the following shapes:

  • Quarter Circle
  • Full Circle
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Half/Full Elliptical
  • Oval
  • Full Springline
  • Partial/Full Chord 

Rectangular Custom Windows

Rectangular windows are standard across residential spaces and are among the most common. They’re simple, classy, and allow plenty of natural light. However, if you want this traditional window without the dull, same-old look, Pella Reserve Traditional custom windows are the fit you need.

Rectangular windows blend into your walls more than any alternative, blurring the lines between your home’s interior and the outside. Additionally, since rectangular windows are more straightforward than other shapes, they’ll work well in every size, whether you want a subtle accent or an elegant window wall.

You can order rectangular Pella Reserve Traditional custom windows in the following shapes:

  • Modified Rectangle
  • Equal Modified Rectangle
  • Full Arch Head
  • Trapezoid
  • Parallelogram 

Triangular Custom Windows

Triangular windows are slightly unconventional, but their unique flair will make your home pop in a way that matches your visual preferences. For example, you can use triangular windows near the top of your wall to fill out the roofline or to create a standout window wall that allows maximum sunlight.

More than any Pella Reserve Traditional Custom Windows, triangular windows are perfect if you want as much coverage as possible. Additionally, you can use the triangular shapes below for unique windows and doors, giving you an eye-popping entryway:

  • Gothic Springline
  • Partial Springline
  • Right Triangle
  • Isosceles Triangle
  • Truncated Triangle

Highlights and Features

Pella Reserve Traditional custom windows come with the brand’s Low-E energy-efficient glass. That energy efficiency keeps your home insulated through the year’s warmest and coldest days, and since the high-performance glass reflects UV rays, your flooring and furniture will never discolor.

Pella Reserve Traditional custom windows also come with several grille and hardware options for further customization. Grilles give your energy-efficient windows a sophisticated, built-in grid pattern, while the three styles and several colors of locks and handles let you add a fun splash of color to your new home fixtures.

Wood and Aluminum Clad Configurations

Pella Reserve Traditional custom windows are available in wood and aluminum-clad styles. People love their wood windows for their timeless, elegant appearance and color varieties, but the aluminum-clad products are also popular for their contemporary appearance and ease of cleaning.

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