Pella Reserve Contemporary Awning Windows

Are you looking for contemporary windows and doors for your home? Pella Reserve Contemporary Awning Windows make an ideal place to start your search.

What Is an Awning Window?

An awning window opens outward from the bottom rather than the side of the frame. While hinged at the top, these windows glide open with a quick push or crank of the handle. They allow for the maximum amount of natural light and air. 

The primary benefit of this window lies in the ability to open it during any weather. Unlike your typical side-opening Contemporary Casement window, the sash provides shelter during a rainstorm. Whether opened or closed, the glass prevents rain from coming inside. 

Such windows make the perfect option for people who wish to maximize their view. Unlike with single or double hung windows, the check rail does not obscure any glass section. 

With your choice of hardware finish, these windows will fit most decor styles. You may place them high on a wall for better privacy or closer to the floor to maximize the view. 

Thanks to their design, they excel in energy efficiency. Gusts of wind blowing on them tighten the seal, improving their insulation capacity.

Why Choose Pella Reserve Contemporary Awning Windows?

Pella Reserve Contemporary Awning Windows are the epitome of functional style. Their sophisticated squared-off sash profile lends a touch of simple elegance to any room. Available in many colors and finishes, these offer the ideal option for the modern homeowner. 

The crank operation lends a touch of customizable convenience with a wide range of hardware from which to choose. 

The large frames, available in several sizes, feature energy-efficient, and impact-resistant glass. You may also opt for Integrated Light Technology grilles and security sensors to complete your package. 

Considering the number of stylistic choices, you can customize your new Pella Reserve Contemporary Awning Windows as much or as little as you like. 



You may select the following wood finishes for the window's interior. You may also opt for painted versions instead: 

  • Pine
  • Douglas Fir
  • Unfinished Mahogany


The aluminum-clad wood on the exterior makes Pella Reserve Contemporary Awning Windows unique. Pella's patented formulation protects the wood while the cladding defends it against exposure.  

Pella first immerses the wood in their EnduraGuard coating, ensuring its resistance to mildew, mold, decay, staining, and water. They then apply the EnduraClad cladding, complete with its protective finish. The cladding's coating adheres to the strictest AAMA 2650 standards. 

However, the sheer exterior color range makes this an exciting addition. With 20 colors from which to choose, you can color-match any home. You can further express your unique design style by changing up the hardware and selecting the ideal glass for your needs.

Would you like to protect your home from harsh sunlight or allow in more warmth? We can assist you in finding the best panes for your windows. 

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