Pella Lifestyle Windows

Thanks to the perfect balance of beauty, innovation, and durability they offer, Pella Lifestyle Windows promise to be an excellent solution for your home. By tapping into their redefined performance, you can enjoy unmatched energy efficiency and sound control to make your home more comfortable.

Moreover, Pella provides an extensive range of options that allow you to meet your home's specific needs. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or industrial, you can enjoy attractive windows that utilize the most innovative and desirable features.

Fit your home with a product that will satisfy your stylistic and performance preferences. Get in touch with CMC Windows and Doors today for the customized solutions you need to revolutionize your home's aesthetics and functionality.

Pella Lifestyle Aluminum-Clad Wood Awning Window

The Pella Lifestyle Awning Window is hinged at the top with hardware at the bottom of its sill. This window option opens outward and offers an unmatched combination of style and energy efficiency.

You have the option of choosing between dual pane crank-operated awnings, as well as non-venting options. Optionally, these Pella Lifestyle Windows also come with integrated shades or blinds and wireless security sensors for added privacy. We can adapt the wood's color to suit your home, perfectly matching its aesthetic.

These windows' beauty, durability, and unparalleled performance make them an ideal choice for any home.

Pella Lifestyle Aluminum-Clad Wood Casement Window

Are you looking to replace windows in hard-to-reach areas of your home? The Pella Lifestyle Casement Windows are perfect for you.

This aluminum-clad wood casement window opens and closes with a simple crank turn. Additionally, since they come with various hardware, grilles, and finish options, you can personalize your casement window to complement your home's style.

The product even lets you create room-specific solutions with its upgraded performance packages. For instance, you can opt for the Rolscreen retractable screen, which you can roll down for protection against bugs and debris or tuck out of sight when not in use.

Pella Lifestyle Aluminum-Clad Wood Double-Hung Window

Pella's double-hung windows implement a classic style, featuring two sashes that you can raise and lower as needed for ventilation. Besides their superior functionality, these windows also contain dual-pane glass, making them an excellent option for those prioritizing energy efficiency.

Furthermore, thanks to the various features and options that these windows boast, you can customize your windows to meet your home's unique needs.

Some of the other key highlights of the Pella Lifestyle aluminum-clad Double-Hung Windows are their simple installation and easy maintenance. They have a tilt-wash feature that allows you to tilt the two sashes to the inside for easy cleaning of the exterior glass surface. Pella's built-in jambliner and flexible nailing fin make installation a breeze.

Pella Lifestyle Aluminum-Clad Wood Picture Window

The Lifestyle Picture Window is a non-operable, energy-efficient option available with various finishes and grille patterns. This option is available in angle-top, curved, and rectangular geometric shapes.

Its extensive finishes grant homeowners the ability to personalize their windows according to their stylistic preferences. They can also choose between noise-reducing and energy-efficient dual pane and triple pane glass packages. 

Why Choose Pella Lifestyle Windows

Excellent Beauty and Performance

Pella's windows feature innovative designs that offer spectacular beauty, flexibility, and performance. They provide stunning visuals while effectively shielding your home against the elements.

By opting for the Advanced, SunDefense, NaturalSun, and AdvancedComfort Low-E options, homeowners can enjoy enhanced solutions that satisfy their performance desires and keep energy bills low.

Customized Solutions for Every Room in Your Home

With Pella's purposeful innovations, you can install options that address the specific needs of each room in your home. Utilize a mixture of integrated security sensors, blinds, and shades to create solutions you can adjust as needed.

Quality Integrated Shades and Blinds

Pella Lifestyle Windows offer the industry's leading integrated blinds and shades. The company doesn't only design its shades and blinds to be accessible. It also tucks them between the glass panes, protecting them from pets, dust, and dirt.

By choosing these, homeowners can enjoy blinds and shades that harbor fewer indoor allergens than those room-side window treatments contain. For even greater convenience, you can also choose to get motorized options that feature Pella's Insynctive technology.

Smart Automation

What is the Pella Insynctive technology? It is a technology that features factory-installed sensors built directly into the windows. If you have a home automation system and smart device, these sensors allow you to monitor your windows' status from anywhere and at any time.

Additionally, they let you motorize your integrated shades and blinds, raising and lowering them at the touch of a button.

Ideal Sound Control

Thanks to the triple-pane glass options Pella Lifestyle Windows provide, you can fit your home with windows that have enhanced sound-dampening features. By disrupting sound waves, these windows can help you create a quieter, more calming space.

This capability makes them ideal for use in bedrooms and nurseries.

Energy Efficiency

Pella's triple-pane glass design also features upgraded AdvancedComfort Low-E glass, allowing for enhanced energy efficiency. This feature helps your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer so you can enjoy your desired comforts year-round.

Durable Style and Function

Pella designs its windows and hardware to last. As such, choosing one of the options from the company's extensive selection enables you to enjoy unparalleled beauty, style, and function for years to come.


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