Pella Lifestyle Aluminum Clad Double Hung Windows

Among the most popular windows we install at CMC Windows and Doors is the Pella Lifestyle Double-Hung Window. Replacement double-hung Pella windows are an excellent option for homeowners who want the look of a traditional wooden window with the low-maintenance features of a vinyl unit. The Pella Lifestyle Double Hung Windows offer all the benefits of single-hung windows with two operable sashes to provide increased ventilation for your home in Colorado.

What Is a Double-Hung Window?

A double-hung type of window has two sashes that open vertically, allowing air and light in. The Pella Lifestyle Double Hung Windows enhance the appearance of your home from the outside by allowing natural light and fresh air inside.

Unlike the Lifestyle Casement Window, double-hung windows operate by sliding the sashes up and down as opposed to using a crank. The double-hung window has a top sash that you can open to ventilate the house while the bottom sash can stay closed.

Pella Lifestyle Double-Hung Window Features

Tilting Sashes

The window’s tilt-in sashes allow for easy cleaning and maintenance from both inside and out. Compression jam liners between the sashes help prevent the windows from rattling during operation and keep the jambs from splitting as the sashes open and close. These features help simplify the cleaning process without requiring tools or special training. In addition, operating your window's hardware is effortless with its easy-to-use lift handles. 

Insulation & Low-E Glass Options

Pella manufactures insulated and low-emissivity glass options that it designs to reduce heat transfer and help lower energy costs year-round. Insulated glass is available for Pella Lifestyle Windows in multiple configurations, including double and triple glazing, to help improve comfort and protect your home from extreme temperatures. The low-emissivity glass reflects heat outside in the summer to keep the cool air inside. In the winter, it reflects the heat from the home back into the room to help lower heating bills.

Simple Installation

Pivot hinges are the secret weapon that makes Pella’s double-hung windows so easy to install and maintain. Installation options include Fold-out Fin, Block Frame, and EnduraClad Exterior Trim for low-maintenance, high-performance window installations. We can position a flexible nailing fin on the exterior or interior of your windows during installation for better weather protection and more accessible construction. Pella Lifestyle Double Hung Windows feature a pivoting screen that moves independently of the sash for easier cleaning and removal.

Low Maintenance

Pella’s EnduraClad exterior finishes are available in twelve different shades to withstand the effects of sunlight, acid rain, and temperature extremes; the upper sash tilts in for easy cleaning from the inside and stays at any position thanks to the counterbalanced design. Lower sashes have removable cranks for easy operation from the outside and are fully lockable for added security.

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