Pella Impervia Fiberglass Windows

Are you looking to replace your old windows with high-quality, high-efficiency windows that combine beauty and robust construction? If so, Pella Impervia windows are a perfect choice.

Pella Windows and Doors is among the industry’s oldest window companies, with over nine decades of experience in the business. The company holds a reputation for offering premium quality products at competitive prices, and Pella Impervia fiberglass windows are no exception.

These low-maintenance windows withstand some of the harshest conditions, including destructive UV rays and extreme heat. At CMC, we strive to offer our customers only the best window products, and that’s why we offer a wide selection of Pella window products.

Whether you want large contemporary windows for your remodeling project or elegant awning windows for your new home, we have a wide range of Pella Impervia windows to suit your style and budget.

Why Choose Pella Impervia Windows?

Pella Impervia windows have several attributes that set them apart from their competition and make them an excellent choice for your home upgrading project. 

Exceptional Durability 

Pella Impervia fiberglass windows are stronger than most windows in their class. Thanks to their robust construction, they can withstand some of the harshest conditions, including:

  • Sub-zero temperatures
  • Extreme heat
  • Damaging UV rays
  • Seacoast environments

You won’t have to worry about your windows expanding, contracting, or becoming brittle under extreme temperature fluctuations. Pella Impervia windows will never corrode or rot, regardless of the environmental conditions. 

They are also naturally resistant to water and bugs, keeping your home and family safe. The powder-coat finish makes the windows resistant to chipping, chalking and fading due to sun exposure. 

These attributes translate to limited annual maintenance. You will never worry about repainting or refinishing your Pella fiberglass windows. 

Proven Performance and Energy Efficiency

Pella Impervia windows have a lasting performance to match their exceptional beauty and durability. Fiberglass is an excellent insulator, providing a natural, energy-efficient barricade against hot and cold air getting into or out of your house. 

If you want replacement windows that will help reduce your utility bill, you can’t go wrong with Pella windows. You can easily meet and exceed the ENERGY STAR® standard with these dual-pane glass windows.

Revolutionary Hardware Technology

Pella Impervia casement and awning windows are easier to open and close, thanks to the innovative Easy-Slide Operator. 

Rather than a rotating crank, the Easy-Slide Operator functions like a dimmer switch that lets you slide your windows open to a precise point. The sleek design tucked within the frame eliminates a common obstruction for window treatments. 

Sleek, Timeless Styles

Pella Impervia windows feature contemporary yet timeless styles. Their sleek, thin profiles and clean lines play an integral role in maximizing the glass size. An up-to-date color palette gives you a range of unique options to color your home. 

If you are unsure about the style you want, our professional team can help you make an informed decision based on your needs and budget. With six distinctive hardware options and various grille patterns, you can play with the styles to get the look you want for your home. 

Pella Impervia Window Options

At CMC Windows and Doors, we understand that homeowners have varying tastes and preferences, even when it comes to window styles. We offer various Pella Impervia window options, so you can find something that matches your desired style:

Pella Impervia Casement Windows

Pella Impervia casement windows feature Pella’s proprietary fiberglass construction, ensuring exceptional strength and lasting durability. The windows have hinges on the side, and their sleek profiles and clean lines translate to a timeless style. 

Another remarkable feature of Pella Impervia casement windows is the Easy-Slide Operator. This innovative hardware allows you to effortlessly open your window without cranking. The windows are available in various sizes to match your specific needs. 

Operable casement window sizes start at 37-1/2” x 79-1/2”, while their fixed counterparts come in sizes up to 71-1/2” x 79-1/2”. You can also find various color options, including black. 

Pella Impervia Awning Windows

Pella Impervia fiberglass awning windows also deliver unparalleled strength and durability. They have undergone testing from -40ºF to 180ºF and have proven to withstand extreme weather conditions. The corrosion-free, rot-free, and high-insulating fiberglass construction will add comfort to your home, regardless of the season. 

Pella fiberglass awning windows also feature the Easy-Slide Operator hardware, making them easy to use. The operable version is available in sizes up to 59-1/2” x 59-1/2”, while its fixed counterpart comes in sizes up to 71-1/2” x 79-1/2”.

Pella Impervia Double-Hung Windows

Pella Impervia double-hung windows boast commercial-grade strength and performance, with remarkable water, wind, and external sound resistance. They also deliver exceptional energy efficiency, security, and user-friendliness without compromising style. 

The powder-coat finish makes the fiberglass double-hung windows resistant to scratching, chalking and fading. The windows’ exclusive cam-action lock design enhances security and ensures a stronger seal. 

The sashes tilt in, making it easy to clean the windows’ exterior from inside your house. Another remarkable feature of the Pella Impervia double-hung window is the interlocking check rail that prevents water and air from infiltrating your space. 

You can find Pella Impervia double-hung windows in various sizes to suit your needs, up to 47-1/2” x 79-1/2”. 

Pella Impervia Single-Hung Windows

Like other Pella Impervia windows, the single-hung version combines lasting durability with a sleek, timeless style. These windows have a fixed top sash and an operable bottom sash for ventilation. They are available in various color options to achieve your desired style. 

Pella Impervia fiberglass single-hung windows feature corner locks, metal fasteners, and sealant for enhanced strength, security, and water performance. Thanks to the robust, zinc die-cast locking system, you will enjoy exceptional durability and water resistance. 

Also, you’ll never have to worry about repainting or refinishing the windows’ powder-coat finish. These windows range up to 47-1/2” x 79-1/2”.

At CMC, we also offer custom Pella Impervia windows if you want to add a unique, personal touch to your home. 

Pella Impervia Picture Windows

Pella Impervia fiberglass picture windows are non-operable with fixed glass. These windows are ideal for areas of your home in which energy efficiency is important and venting is not necessary.

Since picture windows cannot operate, they can be produced in sizes much larger than operable windows. The Pella Impervia picture window is available in widths or heights up to 143-1/2”, maxing out at 70 square feet.

Pella Impervia Sliding Windows

Pella Impervia fiberglass sliding windows are an energy-efficient choice in a simple, easy-to-use design. These sliding windows glide open from side to side along a track and provide exceptional defense against wind, water, and noise from outside.

The weep holes on the Impervia sliding window provide excellent drainage even during the harshest of rainstorms.

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Pella Impervia windows deliver exceptional performance without compromising style. You can choose from our wide range of robust designs with timeless styles to complement your home’s style. Don’t worry if you are unsure about the kind of windows you want—our knowledgeable and experienced expert team is always ready to help you find the best window style for your needs and budget

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