Pella Impervia Fiberglass Patio Doors

Do you want patio doors that combine unmatched strength and durability with tested performance and sleek, timeless style? Look no further than Pella Impervia patio doors.

For over 90 years, Pella Corporation has been offering its customers top-quality, high-efficiency doors and windows at competitive prices, and the Pella Impervia patio doors are no exception.

As the name suggests, these patio doors are impervious to virtually all types of weather, thanks to the robust fiberglass construction. At CMC Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves on offering the best products to our customers, which is why we offer Pella Impervia patio doors to help improve your property’s value, aesthetic, energy efficiency, and performance.

Why Choose Pella Impervia Patio Doors?


Exceptional Strength

If you want patio doors constructed from the strongest materials, you can’t go wrong with the Pella Impervia fiberglass door. Pella proprietary fiberglass is a thermoset material, meaning it will not melt or disintegrate due to extreme temperature fluctuations. The five-layer fiberglass has undergone testing between -40ºF and 180ºF and can withstand the most extreme cold and heat. 

You won’t have to worry about your patio doors warping under extreme heat or becoming brittle under extreme cold. The robust fiberglass is naturally resistant to water and will never corrode or rot. 

The powder-coated finish is resistant to scratching, chalking, and fading, eliminating the need to repaint or refinish your patio doors. 

Proven Performance

Pella Impervia patio doors have undergone rigorous testing and can last over 100,000 cycles. That means you can open and close your patio door three times every day for over 91 years. Also worthy of note is that Pella Impervia products with dual-pane glass deliver energy efficiency surpassing ENERGY STAR® standards in all the U.S. states. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pella fiberglass patio doors come with one of the industry’s best limited lifetime warranties. 

If you are ready to enjoy these benefits, contact CMC Windows and Doors to schedule a free consultation and get a quote for Pella Impervia patio doors. 

Pella Impervia Sliding Patio Doors

Installing a set of sliding patio doors is an excellent way to create additional living space and add value to your home. Sliding patio doors don’t take up as much space as traditional hinged doors, gliding on a track rather than opening outward or inward. 

These doors often have one moveable panel and one fixed panel, which fit together tightly. Besides being easy to open and close, they usually feature a sleek, contemporary style. Pella Impervia sliding patio doors are an excellent option if you want something durable, stylish, and low maintenance. 

These doors slide open and close along a low-profile sill track. The sill is 45 percent lower than the standard sill to help minimize tripping accidents. Another remarkable feature of these Pella Impervia patio doors is a multiple-lock system for enhanced security in closed and venting positions. They can handle 500 lbs. of opening force in the venting position.

The panel and frame corners feature sealant-injected and screw-fastened corner jocks to ensure exceptional strength, longevity, and resistance to water. Pella Impervia sliding patio doors are available in two-panel and three-panel designs in various sizes to suit your specific needs.  

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If you are ready to upgrade your home with Pella Impervia patio doors, CMC Windows is here to help. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will advise on the best patio door options for your remodeling project or new home, depending on your budget. 

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