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Pella Hurricane Shield Series Windows

There’s no telling what Mother Nature will throw at our homes, and without comprehensive protection from unexpected storms, hurricanes, and debris, your home will be at risk for irreparable damage.

Hurricane windows in Houston, TX are an excellent way to give homes an extra protective layer, and Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows offer unmatched performance. These windows will withstand decades of hurricanes and the heavy winds, salty air, and destruction they bring, but despite the name, these windows are for more than just hurricane or tropical storm protection.

Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows have an impact-resistant design that protects from all types of damage, not just hurricane impacts. Between their strength, energy efficiency, and adaptive window styles, there’s no reason not to bring Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows to your home today.

Hurricane Shield Awning Windows

Awning windows are one of the most popular products in the Pella Hurricane Shield window series because of their easy-to-use design, adaptability, and customization options. 

These windows have a hinge at the top of the frame so that the glass can open all the way, and they’re easy to open with their built-in crank. Additionally, awning windows don’t have rails blocking the middle of the glass, so they allow plenty of natural sunlight. When you combine these windows’ accessible, open-air design with the Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows’ strength and durability, you get a home feature that fits everywhere.

Awning windows from the Pella Hurricane Shield Series are even better when you purchase them from CMC Windows and Doors. Our team can customize your new windows and frames in several unique colors and styles, giving your living space a visual flair that speaks to you. We will also install your new awning windows to provide you with the benefits of a home upgrade without the hassle.

Hurricane Shield Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are another popular product in the Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows catalog, particularly in smaller homes with tight spaces. Sliding windows have an elongated, thinner design, making them perfect for walls without much surface area. They also pull open and closed horizontally so they won’t stick out like awning windows.

Despite their thin design, Pella Hurricane Shield Series sliding windows are even more resistant to inclement weather and debris than other window styles because of their built-in pressure prevention system. These impact-resistant windows also block outside noise and heat.

Sliding windows from the Pella Hurricane Shield Series come in sizes up to 125 by 62 inches. They are also available in a handful of styles, some that give a sleek, modern, minimalist look and others with a more traditional aesthetic. Additionally, if you want a larger window than what you currently have, our team can adjust the structure until it matches your window frame.

Hurricane Shield Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are nearly the exact opposite of sliding windows. They’re often taller and narrower than wide and long, and they slide open and closed vertically rather than horizontally. However, single-hung windows do mirror the strength, energy efficiency, and noise reduction sliding windows,  

Single-hung windows also have the same pressure prevention system as sliding windows, but the former comes with a unique automatic-locking feature whenever you shut them. That auto-locking will give you peace of mind whenever you leave your home, knowing you didn’t accidentally leave your windows open as access points for intruders.

Any Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows are excellent as break-in deterrents, even if they don’t automatically lock. If an intruder tries forcing their way into your property, the thick, impact-resistant glass and window frames will keep them out. However, single-hung windows are exceptionally strong against break-ins since the glass recedes tightly into the frame.

You can order single-hung windows with four different grille designs or request a custom grille from CMC Windows. Additionally, you can install single-hung windows next to each other for an elegant window wall.

Though single-hung windows are most common in bedrooms, they’ll fit perfectly in any room, depending on how you customize them.

Hurricane Shield Casement Windows

Casement windows combine the design and accessibility benefits of the single-hung and awning Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows. 

Like their awning windows, these casement windows have thick glass panes within a sash that opens and closes like a door with a hinge on the side. It also has a fold-away crank like the awning windows for easy opening. However, casement windows are tall and narrow like single-hung windows, so they’re also easy to install together to make an exciting window wall.

Casement windows stand out independently for their frames with 18 insulating air chambers. These chambers add even more temperature insulation than standard Pella glass, keeping your home as warm or cool as necessary. Additionally, Pella Hurricane Shield Series casement windows have a unique hinge that lets you wash it easily without removing it or the window.

Additional Features in the Pella Hurricane Shield Line

While homeowners celebrate Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows for their resistance against storms and debris, the windows’ additional comfort and style features set them apart.

Insulating Glass

The advanced glass on Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows keeps your home’s temperature-controlled air from escaping and blocks 99.7% of UV rays. As a result, these windows provide a stellar everyday performance by keeping your house cool and preventing the sun from staining your floor, furniture, and window treatments.

Window Grilles

Window grills go inside your Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows for extra visual flair. They come in four distinct patterns, the traditional grid, the six-lite prairie, the nine-lite prairie, and the top-row grid, and each makes your windows stand out without obstructing the view. 

Frame Finishes

The perfect frame will help your Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows stand out, and Pella has several frame finishes available. They have sleek black and white paints with a glossy shine for a contemporary aesthetic, wood finishes for traditional homes, and special fiberglass and vinyl frames.

Of course, if you want your windows and window frames to stand out, you can request a customized product from CMC Windows and Doors, and our team will make your vision a reality.

Get in Touch for a Free Consultation on Pella Hurricane Shield Series Windows

Whether you’re looking for a small awning window for maximum sunlight and fresh air or a wall of uniquely styled single-hung windows, you’ll find a visually stunning fit that resists storm damage at CMC Windows. 

We provide and customize all types and sizes of Pella Hurricane Shield Series windows, as well as other lines from Pella, the industry’s gold standard for impact-resistant windows. We will also install them in your home at an affordable rate. Call our team today at (832) 621-3030 for a free consultation.

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