Pella Encompass Vinyl Single Hung Windows

Updating your old windows to meet your high-performance standards can be a smart investment. At CMC Windows and Doors, we can help boost your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, enhance its appearance, and increase your property value with top-notch window replacement and installation services.

If you’re considering replacing the windows in your home, consider the Pella Encompass single-hung window. Pella’s efficient windows and doors deliver exceptional energy efficiency and durability.

Pella Encompass Vinyl Single-Hung Window  

Pella Encompass vinyl single-hung windows offer beauty and class at a budget-friendly price. You can raise and lower the bottom sash while the top sash remains stationary which differs from the Pella Encompass Double Hung Window. These windows feature low-maintenance vinyl frames that resist yellowing and offer long-lasting beauty.  

A precision welding process makes the Pella Encompass sash and frame stronger and more durable than ordinary vinyl.   

While most single-hung windows don’t tilt, Encompass by Pella features a tilt wash feature that allows the bottom sash to tilt inwards for easy cleaning.  

Encompass by Pella vinyl windows vinyl frames come in three colors. Pella’s Cam-Action and AutoLock sash locks are available in your matched color finish. You also get optional keyed locks and limited-opening hardware.  

We can help you add character to your space by joining your window with other windows, like the Pella Encompass sliding window.  

Advanced Low-E insulating glass options translate to energy efficiency for savings and home comfort year-round.  

If you want to add screens to your window, Pella’s conventional fiberglass screens allow sufficient light and stay looking great for years.  

Why Choose the Pella Encompass Vinyl Single-Hung Window?  

Single-hung windows feature a bottom sash or panel that moves up and down vertically and an upper panel that remains stationary. For this reason, they use no interior space. Consider investing in single-hung windows for the following reasons:  

  • Simplicity and affordability: The simplicity of a single-hung window means it has fewer moving parts and costs less to install than other options, like double-hung windows.  
  • Energy efficiency: Since you can only open one sash, single-hung windows have fewer opportunities for drafts to enter your home and heat to escape.  
  • Versatility: Although you can only operate a single-hung window by the bottom sash, they come in various materials, finishes, shapes, and trims to accommodate an array of décor styles.  
  • Space savings: Single-hung windows work well for smaller rooms, such as guest rooms and bathrooms, as well as high-traffic areas like entryways and hallways.  

Get in Touch for a Free Consultation  

At CMC Windows and Doors, we offer various window customization options, including hardware, screen, grilles, and glass. Our full-service approach means we stay with you throughout the process, from choosing the best window for your space to the final installation.  

Choosing CMC means working with a reputable company that guarantees top-quality materials from Pella. We strive to exceed customer expectations and stand behind our work with a service guarantee. Besides full installations that include new trim, painting, and staining, we also take on custom projects.  

Contact us for structural changes like converting window openings to door openings, creation of openings, expansion of openings, and more. We look forward to helping you find the best window and patio door solutions for your home.  

Fill out our online form or call to learn more about the Pella Encompass vinyl window line or request a consultation to discover the fundamentals of patio doors and other products we offer.

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