Pella Encompass Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are vertical windows with two operable sashes. Unlike single-hung windows that only open from the bottom, double-hung windows allow you to open both sashes for maximum air circulation.

Modern double-hung windows feature tiltable sashes, making it easier to clean both sides of the window from indoors. At CMC Windows and Doors, we proudly install energy-efficient windows and doors from reputable brands like Pella.

In this post, we highlight the features of the Pella Encompass Vinyl Double-Hung Window. If you’re thinking about new windows, Encompass by Pella delivers exceptional energy efficiency and will likely meet your high-performance standards for replacement windows.

Pella Encompass Vinyl Double-Hung Window Features

The Pella Encompass vinyl double-hung window features competitively priced, easy-care vinyl frames available in several colors. Both sashes slide up in down as opposed to only one sash with the Pella Encompass Single Hung window. You can match Pella’s Cam-Action Lock or AutoLock sash lock styles with your chosen color finish. 

Pella’s Cam-Action locks increase leverage as you close the window to guarantee a superior, weathering seal. Meanwhile, the optional AutoLock automatically locks the window when it’s closed. Optional limited-opening hardware and keyed locks are also available. 

Low-E insulating glass offers UV protection and comes in various energy-saving choices for your climate. You can choose between double-pane and triple-pane glass to maximize energy efficiency for savings and home comfort. 

Want to add character to your home’s design? Consider joining a double-hung window with other windows or adding between-the-glass grills. Our installation team can help you choose window options best suited to your needs and preferences. 

Why Choose Double-Hung Windows? 

The popularity of double-hung windows comes as no surprise. The traditional look of a double-hung window can match any home style. Additional reasons to consider double-hung windows include the following: 

  • Superior ventilation: Opening both the top and bottom allows for maximum ventilation 
  • Aesthetic adaptability: Besides being suitable for any home or room, double-hung windows come in multiple styles, finishes, sizes, and colors. 
  • Easy maintenance: Tilt-out sashes make cleaning from inside your home a breeze. Some models even feature removable sashes. 
  • Energy efficiency: In addition to superior ventilation, this type of window brings in generous amounts of light to deliver exceptional energy efficiency. Our experts can help you make informed decisions. 

Double-hung windows come in handy for second and third-floor windows. These windows are a classic, lovely form of window that can make a beautiful addition to nearly any home, regardless of size or aesthetic.

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Over the years, Pella windows have earned a solid reputation for outstanding durability, attractiveness, and customizable options. At CMC Windows and Doors, we offer window replacement and installation services to suit your needs and preferences.  

When you choose our team at CMC, you get a full-service approach to window replacement and installation. Our focus on delivering a stress-free experience allows you to make the most of your investment, lower your energy bill, and add comfort to your home. We strive to create an exceptional experience that makes you glad you called!

Whether you need a Pella Encompass vinyl double-hung window or a Fiberglass Pella Impervia window, we’ll work with you throughout the entire process, from selection to installation. We only install high-quality products and stand behind our work with a service warranty. 

We do more than windows. Call us or fill out our contact form to learn more about the Pella Encompass vinyl double-hung window or to discover the fundamentals of patio doors.

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