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Your patio offers endless entertainment and relaxation value, whether you host a cookout with family, indulge in an evening with friends and cocktails, or welcome the morning with a book and cup of coffee in hand. With the versatility your patio provides, maintaining a warm and appealing appearance ensures that you and your guests can enjoy themselves regardless of the occasion.

Part of creating an inviting appearance includes maintaining the good condition of your patio doors. Patio doors in Littleton, CO, see daily use and endure the interesting weather. Over the years, you can expect normal wear and tear in addition to some harder-to-solve cosmetic and functional problems. Operational issues often seen in patio doors include:

  • Gaps between your doors
  • Difficulty latching
  • Sinking doors
  • Broken door panels or glass
  • Broken door frames

Even old sliding patio doors have their share of problems. Sliding glass doors in Littleton, CO, develop problems with their rollers or issues with the doors staying shut. Regardless of which type of patio doors you have, continued difficulty using your doors causes irritation and unneeded stress. Your patio should promote relaxation and make you happy instead of contributing to your home repair list.

Many Littleton, CO homeowners choose to replace their patio doors instead of repairing them, which lets them choose from the newest styles while also installing doors they can rely on. CMC Windows and Doors can help you install new patio doors to keep the peace of your outdoor space. Our knowledge and experience provide you with many design options with great benefits for your indoor and outdoor spaces.


We Only Use Trusted Window and Door Brands

At CMC, we believe in providing our clients with top-quality name brands in home design, including Marvin, Pella, and Anlin. Giving you access to our favorite brands lets you find the perfect patio doors and windows for your home in Littleton, CO while guiding you in a wide variety of patio door styles. Choosing the right doors helps you upgrade the appearance of your home, in addition to:

Adding Value to Your Home

New patio doors can raise the value of your home by providing energy efficiency plus a beautiful new look. Potential homebuyers will notice the difference if you replace older glass doors with new French doors for your patio in Littleton, CO.

Lower Energy Bills

New window and door construction methods keep your home safe with glass resistant to exterior temperatures and improved door seals to eliminate drafts. More energy-efficient patio doors help you enjoy lower utility payments.

Enhanced Built-in Security

Choose doors with built-in blinds or shades for heightened privacy and integrated deadbolts to provide an extra level of home security. Installing new sliding glass doors for your patio in Littleton, CO, offers you more protection than older patio doors.

Lower the Volume While Inside

New patio doors have designs intended to block outdoor noises, helping you enjoy a quieter interior. You’ll also have the absence of indoor sounds while relaxing on your patio.

Enjoy More Natural Light

Older style patio doors often have thick frames around their glass centers, depriving you of gorgeous natural sunlight. Replacing your old doors with sliding glass doors in Littleton, CO lets the sunshine into your home.


Our Preferred Patio Door Provider: Marvin Windows and Doors

While we’ll happily install your chosen Pella or Anlin patio doors, Marvin patio doors remain our favorite. CMC is Marvin’s only Certified Installing Retailer in the Denver metro area. Marvin patio doors offer easy customization, so you can have patio doors on any doorway and match your patio’s ideal atmosphere. Marvin Windows and Doors also provides Integrity patio doors made of Ultrex Fiberglass, a material engineered to provide a beautifully designed patio door that can stand up to Littleton, CO’s varied climate.


What To Expect When Working With CMC Windows and Doors in Littleton, CO

Professional Style and Design Guidance

For homeowners who know they want a change but need help hammering down their new patio doors, the CMC door experts will assist you in your decision. From simple, standard sliding doors to exquisitely designed French doors, your patio in Littleton, CO, will match your home’s style. We’ll consider important factors like:

  • The width of your doorway
  • The color of your exterior walls
  • The space inside and outside of your patio doors
  • Whether you need a new frame or not
  • Your home’s overall design

Creating the right atmosphere for your patio should add to the beauty and comfort of your home. Trust professional window and door providers to enhance your house and patio with beautiful, impressive patio doors.

Expert Patio Door Installation

Incorrectly installed patio doors can fall out of the frame, fail to latch correctly, and allow outside air into your home while leaking inside air simultaneously. CMC professional patio door installation ensures that every door seal functions properly, your doors open and close easily and smoothly, and you can safely rely on the door lock.  

After we leave, you stay covered by our service warranty. If you have any problems with your patio doors after installation, call us and we’ll come out to troubleshoot and fix any issues your doors have at no additional cost to you. Call (720) 573-2230 to learn more about CMC’s service warranty.

Total Control Over Your Patio

Besides installing your patio doors, we can also change the width or shape of your patio doorway to fit your new doors exactly. If you need a new doorway leading to your patio, our construction experts can convert windows to doorways or create a new opening to the outdoors.

Are you tired of having a patio open to the elements but still want to utilize that space? Our crew at CMC can help you build walls, windows, and doors to enclose your patio and turn it into a beautiful sunroom. Bonus: Sunrooms provide an additional boost to your overall home value.

Do you have other potential structural changes in mind? Let’s discuss your options for creating the patio or sunroom of your dreams.


Trust the Professionals at CMC Windows and Doors for Patio Door Replacement in Littleton, CO

Whether you need to upgrade your patio doors, install new ones, or create the perfect doorway to the outdoors, CMC offers you professional, experienced window replacement and door installation and construction. Take advantage of our various styles and designs and get excited for new French or sliding patio doors in Littleton, CO. When you’re ready to discuss your replacement window or patio door project, call the professionals at CMC Windows and Doors at (720) 573-2230.

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