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Patio Doors Lakewood, CO

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Patios make the perfect spot for family cookouts, wining and dining with your friends or significant other, or enjoying some "you" time in your own backyard. Your patio's ambiance comes from various elements, including everything from your chosen decor and furniture to the quality and appearance of your patio doors. Homeowners enjoy impressing everyone, from their neighbors to their closest friends and family, with a beautiful patio. If your exterior doors have dings, cracks, stains, or more severe damage, you may need to consider patio door replacement in Lakewood, CO.

Improve Your Home With New Patio Doors

Besides the noticeable cosmetic upgrades, installing replacement patio doors removes any functional problems your old doors have. Even if you don't use your patio doors daily, they still play a part in the comfort of your home and the bottom line of your utility bill. Common functional problems in Lakewood, CO French doors include:

  • Sinking or drooping doors
  • Difficulty locking or latching
  • Broken window or door frames
  • Cracked or clouded glass
  • Gaps in door or window frames

Sliding glass doors in Lakewood, CO, host their own specific problems. Rollers lose traction, door frames weaken, and can cause leaning sliding doors, and you may find it more difficult to open and close your doors over time. These problems cause undue stress, and the irritation may even contribute to spending less time on your patio.

Patios exist to allow you time outside in a safe, semi-controlled space, so you should enjoy every moment you spend on your patio. Patio door repairs may fix simple problems, but many homeowners prefer to replace or upgrade their doors so they can create a more beautiful outdoor space. If you're considering new French or sliding glass doors in Lakewood, CO, CMC's window and door professionals can help you find doors that meet your style and provide unique benefits for your home.


Benefits of Replacing Your Patio Doors

New patio doors offer much more than an upgraded appearance, such as providing a gateway between your temperature-controlled home and Lakewood, CO's hot summers and cold, snowy winters. CMC uses top-quality window and door brands like Marvin, Anlin, and Pella, so you can enjoy a wide variety of styles and designs as well as engage in updated window and patio door technology. Some benefits of patio door replacement in Lakewood, CO, include:

Greater Energy Efficiency

Using newly engineered materials for door construction, thicker glass with higher resistance to extreme exterior temperatures, and improved door seals, new sliding and French doors in Lakewood, CO, for your patio help you enjoy lower utility bills.

Raised Property Value

Your home will enjoy a boost in its property value with the installation of beautiful new patio doors. Besides improvements that save energy usage, new doors upgrade the appearance of your home and increase curb appeal for potential homebuyers.

Better Home Protection

If old patio doors present a weak barrier for drafts, burglars may find it simple to pop your sliding patio door off its frame. By upgrading your home with new sliding glass doors in Littleton, CO, with CMC, we can install additional safety measures like locking mechanisms and reinforced frames.

Let the Sunshine In

The glass in old patio doors can cloud up or collect scratches and cracks that prevent you from enjoying the advantages of natural light. Installing new patio doors allows you to welcome sunlight into your home, providing yet another way to lower your energy consumption since you won't need to turn on so many lights.

Block Noises from the Other Side

Loud living room televisions can ruin the serenity of your patio, while noisy animal life and weather can invade your home when your doors don't provide much audio protection. New patio doors help block these sounds, keeping the spaces separate and creating a more enjoyable patio experience.


Marvin Windows and Doors: Our Favorite Provider for Patio Door Replacements

Patio doors from Pella or Anlin serve your home well, but choose Marvin patio doors for the ultimate choice in patio door customization and replacement windows in Lakewood, CO. With options allowing you to shape your doors to the precise height or width, and with multiple styles and designs to choose from, Marvin patio doors fit perfectly for any home. Breathe new life into your home with beautiful custom patio doors from Marvin Windows and Doors, professionally installed by CMC Windows and Doors.


Expect the Best When Upgrading Your Patio With CMC Windows and Doors in Littleton, CO

Professional Guidance on Patio Door Style and Design

Choosing the right patio doors to match your home's particular style may seem overwhelming, but our professionals can help you decide on the best doors for your patio. Whether you want simple sliding doors or elegantly beautiful French patio doors, we know how to make your style shine. Important factors we'll consider while choosing the right doors include:

  • The breadth of your patio doors
  • The height of your patio doorway
  • The space immediately inside and outside your patio doors
  • The exterior color and style of your home
  • Whether you require a new door frame

Professional Patio Door Installation

Improper patio door installation negates many benefits of replacing your old doors. Keep your patio doors functioning properly with professional patio door installation from our experts at CMC. When we take our leave, you'll have patio doors that close smoothly, stay closed, and offer the ultimate barrier between your home and the outside world.

All installations include a warranty, so if you have problems with your doors after installation, call us at (720) 573-2230 and receive no-cost service.

Change Up Your Structure

While installing your doors, our team can update your doorframe, changing the size or shape to give your doors the perfect fit. We also provide structural services, including:

  • Installing new doorways to your patio
  • Converting windows to patio doorways
  • Building windows and doors around your patio to create a sunroom or enclosed patio space


Enjoy Expert Patio Door Installation With CMC Windows and Doors in Littleton, CO

When you need patio door replacement in Lakewood, CO, the experts at CMC Windows and Doors provide you with a wide variety of choices for styles, designs, shapes, and sizes. Whether you want to upgrade your patio doors, create new doorways, or change your patio into a sunroom, CMC's window and door experts can't wait to help you make the perfect patio. Call (720) 573-2230 for a free estimate on your patio door replacement, upgrade, or installation with CMC Windows and Doors in Lakewood, CO.

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