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CMC Windows and Doors has a goal of providing the best replacement windows, and patio doors in Houston. Our design specialists strive to show you the best window for your home that fits within your budget.

Pairing quality products with great customer service is our goal. CMC Windows & Doors will work with you on the design of your window replacement project from start to finish. We are unlike all the "run of the mill" window companies out there since we can provide valuable insight and expertise when choosing the right windows and doors for your project including substantial changes to styles and openings compared to your old windows.

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How Do You Know When Your Windows and Doors Need to Be Replaced?

When was the last time you had your windows replaced? Many homeowners don’t realize that windows and doors last only about 15-20 years. The window or door frame is just one part of it. You should also consider the window glass, window sash, window locks, screens, and paint condition when determining if it’s time to replace them. If you’re in need of window replacement, CMC Windows and Doors can provide window installation services from start to finish.

Here are 5 signs that it’s time to replace your windows or doors:

  1. Age

If your old windows are made of wood, they can warp, rot, or split if they are exposed to water or Texas' humid conditions for too long. After 20 years the window frame could start showing signs of serious deterioration like sticking or cracking. It’s important to have this checked out by a window replacement specialist before window rot sets in. Old windows are particularly bad when it comes to energy efficiency as well.

  1. Windows and doors do not operate properly

You may notice that your doors and windows don’t close tight or they stick when you try to operate them. This is another sign that window replacement is needed. Over time, window and door seals may shrink in size. This happens when the window is exposed to water for several years. If your window seals start to stick or notice that there is a visible gap between the window frame and window sash, it’s time to replace your window.

  1. Energy Efficiency

If your old windows are drafty, then they’re not helping you save money on your utility bills. CMC Windows & Doors installs products that are extremely energy efficient and also meet new window energy code requirements. Our Houston window experts can recommend window replacements specifically designed for your project.

  1. Damage to frames, panels, and sashes

Harsh weather conditions can damage window frames and window sashes. Rust, window rot, warping window sashes, or water leaks can cause window frames to crack. If you start seeing any signs of window damage then it’s time to call a window replacement contractor. Damage can also pose a significant security risk as compromised windows or doors can make an easy entrance point for burglars.

  1. Visual appeal and absence of viewable glass space

Your old windows and doors may just be flat-out ugly and you want something to match the style and design of your home better. You may want different colors or styles of windows that operate differently. All of our windows and doors are custom measured and designed for you.

Older windows can also have larger frames, grids, and glazing profiles which can limit the viewable space outside of the window or door. This may especially be a concern if it is located in a big room or if you have a beautiful view that is obstructed. CMC provides many modern products with slim frames that maximize the viewable space outside of the door or window for spectacular views.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Reputable Houston Window Replacement Contractor?

Replacing your window and door is a large investment. It makes more sense to hire window replacement contractors that use the best quality products and materials on the market today.

It’s important for you to know that window manufacturers rarely sell their windows directly to consumers. The reason is, they want local window and door dealers to be properly certified in installing their products since they are the ones interacting with homeowners on a daily basis. Retaining a window replacement contractor who is properly certified will give you peace of mind that your window replacement project was completed correctly.

Selecting Your Doors & Windows

The window that you choose for your home can be a very personal choice. Some window replacements are purely functional while others provide enhancements to the curb appeal or viewable space outside. Some window and door replacements can also add to the security of your home or protection from the elements.

You'll want to make sure you choose the proper material for your windows and doors. Whether you go with vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum-clad, you’ll find that CMC Windows & Doors can help you select the best products for your home.

Strong Replacement Windows that withstand Mother Nature

Hurricane-rated, impact-resistant windows can withstand the extreme force of hurricane winds and flying debris. You’ll be protected when hurricanes threaten, so you won’t have to rush to board up plywood or secure shutters before a hurricane hits. Instead, you can keep your hurricane windows in place all year long.

Patio Doors That Can Enhance Your Home's Beauty and Functionality

Attractive patio doors can reinforce the style of your home. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the energy savings they provide by choosing doors that keep your home cooler in the summer.

Like our windows, we can also provide impact-resistant doors. They’ll provide hurricane protection as well as protection from severe weather, high-impact collisions, or unwanted intruders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average cost of window replacement?

The window replacement cost you’ll pay for your home will depend on the brand, size, and style that you choose. The window or door material will also have an impact on how much window replacement costs will be. In addition to these factors, there are many other issues that can affect window replacement costs such as:

  • Framing or window jamb condition
  • Type of installation (full-frame with new trim vs. insert)
  • Selection of window type and features

Should I Repair or Replace My Windows?

Many window-related problems are not serious enough to warrant window replacement, like faulty hardware or cracked glass. Instead, they can often be addressed with window repair or glass replacement. Some window replacement companies will only recommend replacement.

Even though we do not provide window repair or glass only replacement, our design specialists are thoroughly trained in which windows or doors should be replaced vs. repaired. Our company is committed to providing expert service for window and patio door replacement when needed.

If we identify alternatives such as repair or glass only replacement, our experts will never try to sell you a product unneeded at that moment.

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