Window and Patio Door Replacement Denver, CO

window and patio door replacement service denver, co

Window Replacement Denver, CO

With an average of 300-days of sunshine per year and a cool and temperate climate, Denver residents have every reason to take advantage of their beautiful surroundings. At CMC Windows and Doors, we serve many areas throughout Colorado, but the Denver metro area is our home base. We love servicing locals in the areas in an effort to help all homeowners capitalize on the incredible views awaiting just outside their windows in Denver—the same views that we are fortunate enough to take advantage of every day.

As the leading full-service Denver window company, we strive to assist homeowners in every step of their window replacement projects. From sales to installations and even warranty repairs on the products that we install, our team is dedicated to providing start-to-finish support.

Since our main office is located near Denver, we are very acquainted with the region and can properly advise you on window and patio door options that can optimize your property. By strategically installing windows, for example, you can improve the aesthetic of your home, open up any space with natural lighting, and achieve energy efficacy. This is especially important in the Denver region where the climate can fluctuate significantly, and insulation is key.

Patio Door Replacement Denver, CO

At CMC, we carry Marvin and Anlin patio doors as part of our efforts to provide our customers with only the highest quality that the industry has to offer. The Marvin and Anlin brands are distinguished for their innovative designs and unmatched quality, which is why we trust them with supplying the best materials available for our clients.

Each product is made-to-order to fit the specifications of your unique project. Each individualized approach is evident in the outstanding attention to detail and expert craftsmanship that goes into every patio door produced. When clients partner with CMC for their patio door replacement projects, they can choose from a variety of product styles and colors, and multiple hardware, glass, grille, and screen options.

With so many customization options to choose from, our patio door replacement in Denver allows your new doors to act as centerpieces for your home—adding to its overall aesthetic atmosphere and increasing your property’s value. Whether you are trying to achieve traditional elegance or a more modern look, we can help match you with the right windows or doors to fit your preferences.

Why upgrade your patio doors and windows?


Retain your property’s value

New patio doors and windows in Denver are highly sought-after features that can increase your home’s value and serve as important selling points if you ever choose to put your property on the market. Many home buyers are seeking properties that offer ample natural light, pleasant views, and modern aesthetics. Upgrading your windows and doors is an easy remodel that can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home and ensure that it is up-to-date in both style and functionality.

Energy efficiency

Our Denver window replacement services allow customers to modernize their homes by replacing old windows and patio doors with newer and more efficient installations. As windows and patio doors age and become worn over time, they often become leaky and allow a draft into your home. Leaky windows and doors can create a spike in your electric bill, by allowing air conditioning and heating to escape your home during the summer and winter. New windows and doors, on the other hand, feature advanced insulation technologies that can help increase your home’s energy efficiency. Insulation is an important factor for Denver locals, especially when the cold season starts; but upgrading your windows and doors can also increase your home’s sustainability in the warmer seasons by keeping air-conditioning inside.

In addition, new windows and door models are structurally designed to help property owners take advantage of natural airflow. Some windows feature vent modes, that are perfect for nice breezy days when you can open your home to the outdoors and allow natural airflow to circulate (thereby reducing your air-conditioning needs and expense).

Naturally brighten your home

Adding new patio doors and windows to your home also allows you to capitalize on natural lighting. Old windows tend to become discolored over time, and old-fashioned architecture often sported small windows that made rooms look grimy and dark. Strategically placed, large modern windows, on the other hand, can create an elegant and open atmosphere and brighten up any space.

Take advantage of your Denver views

In addition to complementing the beauty of your home’s interior, large clear replacement windows in Denver allow you to enjoy a sense of openness as your home overlooks nature outdoors. Denver locals are privy to remarkable views of the Rockies and surrounding scenic nature sights; not taking advantage of these views through bright and clear windows would be a disservice to your property.

Our Denver Services



CMC is dedicated to matching each customer with the best windows and patio doors in Denver, which is why we supply Marvin and Anlin products. All of the products that Marvin and Anlin manufacture are specifically made to order to ensure that they seamlessly fit your desired dimensions, style, and other preferences. Marvin and Anlin are constantly innovating in order to find new ways to improve quality and design—giving you the assurance that you are investing in top-quality materials. For example, one of the unique products offered by Anlin is their patio doors which include a factory-installed dog door.


As a full-service Denver window company, at CMC, we offer complete installation services. Window installation can be a tricky procedure that can result in costly expenses if a window or door is damaged or broken during the installation process. For this reason, it is essential that you hire an experienced professional to handle your window installations rather than trying to do it yourself. At CMC our team is fully qualified and experienced in window and door installations, saving you the hassle of finding a third-party service to do the job and saving you the stress of having to do it yourself.


True to our promise of supping our clients from start to finish, we also uphold warranty claims and repairs on products that we install. Having a warranty on your patio door or window can save you from incurring costly expenses in the event of damage or breakdown. While many other window and door suppliers in Denver do not offer warranties, at CMC Windows and Doors we strive to be an honest company and we want customers to feel confident and assured in their purchases. Having a warranty is an added value that can save you both money and stress in the unlikely event that something was to go wrong with your CMC product. Contact us today for our service warranty details!

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CMC Windows and Doors is the top provider of windows and patio doors in Denver.  Customers choose our company because of our full-service approach and the unmatched quality that we offer with our products. We know that every project is different, which is why we offer many customization options that allow you to create unique designs that fit the individual needs and style of your home. Our expertise and dependability are just a few of the reasons why customers in the region repeatedly choose to do business with our company and recommend us to their neighbors.

If you are searching for replacement windows in Denver or seeking to upgrade your patio doors, give us a call at (720) 573-2230 or fill out our form to request a free window and patio door consultation. You can also book an appointment directly to our calendar by clicking the button at the top of the page.

The beautiful capital city of Denver, Colorado offers the best combination of city living and nature’s tranquility. Located in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, residents get to enjoy breathtaking landscape panoramas around every corner. Nature lovers have many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in Denver, from visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens to taking day trips to Mount Evans and surrounding parks and peaks, there are plenty of activities and adventures for locals to enjoy. This bustling city also offers many social attractions, including multiple characteristic restaurants, sporting arenas (like Coors Field), and brewery tours. Culture enthusiasts can also take advantage of the city’s many museums and art galleries like the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Museum of Art.

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