Integrity by Marvin Ultrex Fiberglass, How Does It Stack Up?

We wanted to pass along a great video that was recently released. Matt Risinger, Texas home builder, and YouTube star put the three most popular window types used here in the United States through a series of extreme tests. The three windows tested are a vinyl window, a wood/vinyl composite window, and an All Ultrex Fiberglass window made by Marvin’s Integrity line.

He examines build quality, strength, stress, and how the windows respond to extreme temperatures. Matt first takes a look at how the Marvin fiberglass windows are manufactured and their quality through a corner cut. He then subjects the different windows to extreme amounts of heat to test their durability. The painted finishes are then put to the test to see how the windows would perform under situations in which they may be scratched. Finally, Matt tests the impact resistance of the three windows. This is an important test for hail-prone states like Colorado or for areas in which impact may come from golf balls, baseballs, rocks, or other hard objects.

Needless to say, the All Ultrex Integrity window outperformed the other window types in every category! Here at CMC Windows and Doors, we are proud to supply the Integrity by Marvin line due to it being one of the strongest and most functional window lines available today. In addition to being a very informative test, it looks like Matt has some fun destroying a few windows in the process! Enjoy the video!


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