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Houston natives are no strangers to hurricane season, but new transplants might not know how to prepare for the season of heavy rain, high winds, and potentially dangerous weather conditions.

Hurricane and impact window installation is a smart investment for property owners in Houston and the surrounding coastal area. These specially designed windows provide increased wind resistance, high impact ratings, better weatherproofing, and much more.

We offer a wide selection of windows and window-related services, including full-service replacement, hurricane windows, door installation, and more. Schedule your consultation today to find out how our CMC Windows and Doors team can increase the value and safety of your Houston property.

What Are Hurricane Windows? 

Whether you’re considering upgrading the windows in your current property or need high-quality windows for a new construction project, both hurricane and impact windows make an excellent choice. But what are these windows, and how are they made?

To understand the differences between types of windows, look at the build of standard windows.

Understanding Window Builds

Windows for homes come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and even types of glass. Depending on the window’s intended function, the windows in a home may contain: 

  • Laminated glass
  • Float glass
  • Insulated glass
  • Annealed glass
  • Acrylic glass or 
  • Tempered glass

Each one of these types of glass offers unique advantages and aesthetic appeal. In addition to the varying types of glass, some residential windows may have different builds.

For example, most older windows in Texas and around the country only use a single pane of glass. In addition, these windows likely have wooden framing with simple adhesive bonding agents. 

Hurricane windows, by necessity, approach things differently. 

Hurricane Windows

Most modern window designs now feature two panes of a given type of glass. The second pane helps increase the window’s durability and insulative properties. For these panes, window makers use float glass, insulated glass, etc. 

However, hurricane windows use high-strength tempered glass as a rule. Manufacturers make tempered glass by using chemical or thermal treatments to add compression and tension to the outer and interior portions of the glass. This added tension increases the glass’ overall strength and durability. 

In addition to the added strength provided by tempered glass, hurricane windows also include rigid and inflexible bonding materials. Designers use laminate PVB, a flexible resin, to bind the two panes of tempered glass together. This allows the window to bend more in resistance to high-speed winds. 

Impact-Resistant Windows

Some types of hurricane windows carry higher impact ratings than others. Impact-resistant windows offer designs specifically targeted to resist impact with debris, tree limbs, and other objects. 

What Do Hurricane Windows Protect Against?

Hurricane windows live up to their name. This window design stands up to: 

  • High winds up to 200 mph
  • Heavy rain
  • Hail
  • The impact from debris traveling at 50 feet per second
  • Unwanted intrusion or breaking and entering
  • And more

If you live in the Houston area, call CMC Windows and Doors today to ask what hurricane windows can do for your peace of mind and property value.

Hurricane Window Certification and Testing

Hurricane windows often use a classification system known as design pressure (DP) rating. This method uses water infiltration, air infiltration, and structural load bearing to gauge a window’s resistance. The higher the resistance, the higher the DP rating. 

CMC Windows and Doors provides clients with a wide selection of hurricane and impact-resistant windows in a variety of DP ratings. Check with our team today for in-depth product knowledge and professional recommendations.  

Are Hurricane Windows Right for Your Property? 

Like other Houston property owners, you may feel uncertain about whether hurricane windows make a good fit for your home.

In short, the answer is yes: you need hurricane windows if you live in Houston or the surrounding coastal area.

In Texas, hurricane season begins on June 1st, if not earlier. During this time, much of Texas can fall under the threat of heavy rain, tropical storms, and full-blown hurricanes. Texas property owners without hurricane window protection during these times risk both their property and personal safety. 

How to Identify Hurricane and Impact-Resistant Windows?

Hurricane windows use two panes of high-strength glass to aid in impact resistance. Most panes of window glass carry a small maker’s mark, used to identify the type of glass and the processes used to create it.

Wondering if your home already contains hurricane-rated or impact-resistant windows? Schedule an inspection with a Houston window professional you trust to have your questions answered.

Benefits of Hurricane Window Installation in Houston 

Hurricane and impact windows do precisely what their names imply, functions that help property owners stay ahead of protecting their homes from extreme weather events. However, some benefits of installing hurricane and impact-resistant windows may surprise owners. 

Overall, the benefits of using hurricane and impact-resistant windows in your home or business include: 

  • Reduced risk of glass breakage from hurricane-force winds
  • Improved resistance to impact from flying debris
  • Boosted insulation 
  • Better leak proofing
  • Increased Houston property value
  • Improved energy efficiency for HVAC systems

Learn more about how hurricane windows can help your property by scheduling your consultation with CMC Windows and Doors today. 

FAQs About Hurricane Windows in Houston 

How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost? 

The cost of hurricane and impact windows depends on a few factors, including the number of windows needed, color customizations, desired installation services, and more. Our project managers can work with your chosen specifications to determine a hurricane window installation package that suits your needs and budget. 

Are Hurricane Windows Bulletproof? 

No. Hurricane windows offer considerable protection against external debris impact, but these windows are not bulletproof.

Do Hurricane Windows Come with Warranties? 

Most window products we recommend and install at CMC Windows and Doors come with varying levels of manufacturer warranties.

Our installation services also come backed by our workmanship guarantee and years of professional experience and expertise.

Find Hurricane Windows and Installation in Houston 

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