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Centennial homeowners have multiple options when searching for custom window installation or window replacement services for their Colorado residence. Naturally, the wide range of choices may be confusing.

How can you identify the company for custom windows in Centennial, CO, which will provide the best installation services and the high-quality windows which your home deserves? After all, they all seem the same.

CMC Windows and Doors is proud to offer you comprehensive services for the selection and installation of your new windows or replacement windows. Our partners are some of the most respected window brands on the market, who can provide superior products, be it for a home renovation project or for your brand new dream home.

Here's why we should be the top choice for your custom window installation job.


Why Choose CMC Over Other Window Companies?

So why should you trust us, not any of the other countless window service companies in Centennial Colorado, for your home renovation or construction project? We are 5-star rated and reviewed and Centennial residents report such high customer satisfaction when talking about the services of CMC.

We Care About Your Needs

The right windows not only enhance the comfort of your home but also increase energy efficiency. Not to mention, the finished product can greatly enhance your home's curb appeal and resale value.

However, because most homeowners shop for new or replacement windows only a handful of times in their lifetime, they are less likely to know how to tell the different types of windows and brands.

Here's the truth: most windows on the market are identical. And so, the majority of window replacement companies in Centennial, CO, have windows on offer which don't present a huge difference from those provided by other organizations.

In short, the features and qualities of the windows are vastly similar—and finding the truly quality ones is difficult.

To bypass this issue, many custom window providers partner with just one brand whose products they provide to clients. At CMC Windows and Doors, however, we don't work with just one manufacturer or brand.

Instead, we learn about your specific needs, preferences, and budget in order to recommend the right product for the custom window installation project of your Centennial home.

We Emphasize High-Quality Products

The new and replacement windows provided by CMC all come with reinforced frames that are built to stand up to the harsh winters and heavy summers of Colorado. Our windows are sourced from the following brands:

  • Marvin
  • Pella
  • Anlin

With our collection of high-quality windows, there's no need to worry about cracking, peeling, or warping. Furthermore, you will also receive a manufacturer's warranty and workmanship warranty with all products.

In short, any money you spend through CMC is a protected, long-term investment.

We Provide Comprehensive Consultations

Not only do we recommend the best products for our client's specific requirements, but also, the service we provide is personalized. Countless testimonials from Colorado customers attest to the great customer service given by our friendly and knowledgeable project managers.

To kick things off, we provide a free consultation at your home in Centennial, CO, after which we will provide you with an accurate estimate. Our team of consultants is equipped to answer any and all questions you have, no matter the specifics of your home.

We provide professional installation services by highly trained experts well-versed in the conditions of different architectural styles. All of our personnel follow industry best practices set forth by the manufacturers when replacing or installing new windows.

Moreover, we respect your time. Our installers will plan around your schedule to avoid disrupting your daily activities.

Once the job is done, you will receive a follow-up as well as a warranty to ensure complete satisfaction. This is how we ensure exceptional service that has made us one of the most trusted window companies in Centennial, Colorado.


Windows Specifications Provided by CMC Windows and Doors

Once you've decided — with our help, of course — which manufacturer you wish to source your new or replacement windows from, we'll help you to determine what type of window to get. Here are the factors to keep in mind.

Window Style & Appearance

The most popular window styles are sliding, double-hung, and casement, but there are many others from which you can take your pick depending on the construction and design of your Colorado home, along with aesthetic preferences.

And speaking of aesthetic preferences, you can also choose from frame finish and color, hardware, grid pattern, etc., when choosing your replacement windows. We offer aluminum-clad, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows.

Glass Specifications

Heat transfer and air draft issues can contribute largely to energy loss, which in turn can greatly increase your energy bills. This can be attributed to ineffective windows.

The solution is to go for a multi-pane window. In fact, we recommend you install nothing less than double pane glass to beat energy loss issues.

Furthermore, double pane windows also ensure that the interior of your home remains comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Not to mention, such windows also keep noise levels to a minimum.

It's also very important to choose windows that have low-E protective coatings, which lessen the harmful effects of UV rays. UV rays are not only responsible for heating up the interior of your home but causing your furniture to be damaged.

Window Frame Strength

It is also very important to consider the frame strength of the windows installed in your Colorado residence. High-strength frames are necessary for large windows or windows that are being mulled together to form a large assembly. Typically aluminum clad models can be produced in larger sizes due to the frame strength.


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And we're not restricted to Centennial — we also serve adjacent and surrounding areas in Colorado.

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