Convert Windows into Patio Doors

Do you want to bring more light into the living areas around your home? Why not convert one of your windows into patio doors? Adding a door onto the patio or other outdoor areas around the house is a great way to increase your property value and curb appeal. It also gives your space a more functional way to get in and out of the house.

While most window and door companies only do simple replacements, CMC has performed many of these window-to-door conversions. 

What are the Benefits of Converting a Window into a Patio Door?

Why convert a window into a French door or sliding glass door? Is it worth it? Here are the top benefits you can expect from this conversion.

Bring Light Into Your Home

Turn that dark, gloomy room into a well-lit space. Bring in the light and get more out of your living area.

Improve Your Property Value

Adding French or sliding doors to your home boosts your property value and curb appeal.

Move Freely Between Rooms and Outdoors

You get direct access. Move from a room to the patio without walking around the house.

Energy Efficiency

Your old window may be inefficient or cause drafts within your room. This can cause energy bills to be much higher than necessary.

Better Air Circulation

Open the sliding doors on breezy days and feel the airflow through your home.

A Better View 

Converting windows into sliding glass doors or French doors can give you a better view of your yard or scenery. 


Choosing the Right Window to Convert to Patio Door

There are several components involved when we convert windows into sliding glass doors. If your window is as wide as the door you are wanting to install, then the process is much easier. We will be able to use the existing header that runs the top width of the current window.

You won't need a header replacement if the window is wide enough to accommodate a patio door. Standard single door widths range from 32 inches to 40 inches in width while 2-panel French doors and sliding glass doors typically range from 5 feet wide to 8 feet wide.

Some homeowners choose to install a patio door wider than the existing window. In this case, we will need to expand the opening horizontally and install a new header to run the new length of the proposed door. Many of our customers choose to fit French or sliding doors when converting windows to doors in their homes. Sometimes the current window opening will be wide enough to accommodate new doors when converting a bay window into a patio door or multiple windows into a door.

We carry a huge selection of patio doors for your project. Some of the top manufacturers we use on our projects include leading manufacturing brands like Anlin, Marvin, and Pella.

Custom Sized Patio Doors

If you want to convert a window into a patio door, you have many options for sizes. We work with leading American-made brands, like Anlin, Marvin, and Pella offering you a huge range of styles, colors, and customization options. All of our patio doors are custom measured to your opening, maximizing the space, and can be ordered larger than standard widths. 

Our team has experience working in homes across Colorado and Houston, Texas. We're confident we can fit any patio door into your home. Reach out to our team, and we'll walk you through our options for custom patio doors.


Choose Our Team for a Professional Installation Service

If you're thinking about converting a window in your home into a sliding door, call CMC for a free estimate. Our company specializes in these conversions, and we're ready to add value to your home with our services.

Our team handles all drywall work, we'll move electrical outlets if necessary to accommodate your new door. We guarantee a perfect finish to the job, providing a seamless, smooth finish from the door and the wall.

Our installations include fully replacing all interior and exterior trim, stucco repair around the new window and door, wall touch-ups, and painting and trim-staining where required. Our capable team can assist with custom projects requiring structural changes. We can create openings or expand existing windows, converting them into patio doors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to cut out an existing window for a patio door conversion or create a new opening from scratch?

Cutting out an existing window for your patio door installation requires less work to complete than creating a new opening. That's fewer hours needed to complete the job and a lower cost associated with installing your new patio doors.

Is a permit needed to convert windows into sliding glass doors?

Depending on where you are located you made need a permit to convert a window into a patio door. Needing a permit also depends on the number of structural changes involved. This ensures your new door is up-to-code after completion. If your project requires a permit we can acquire that for you.

We'll install your new doors in accordance with factory specifications and local codes, ensuring it's structurally sound and passes a building inspection. Keeping your home up to code ensures you don't have any problems when selling in the future. 

Can I convert my window into patio doors myself?

We recommend you avoid converting windows into patio doors yourself. A DIY job might seem like it saves you money, but our experience is that the technical knowledge needed to complete this type of project is very specialized. You may run into unforeseen problems that are not easy to overcome.

Can you convert a sliding glass door into a French door?

Converting a sliding glass door into a hinged door is usually an easier process than converting a window into a door, so yes this is a project we can complete. Many homeowners these days are converting old sliding patio doors into French doors for a more elegant look. We can also convert sliding doors into bi-fold doors. 

Can you convert a patio door into a window?

Converting a patio door into a window is a less common request, however, it is a job that we can take on. This would require building in the opening to the desired size of the window needed. You could also install a large window in place of an old door that extends all the way to the floor. In this case, we would need to order tempered glass for the new window.

Do you offer repair services for doors and windows?

Since we are a full-service window and door replacement company, we don't offer any repair or refurbishment of doors and windows.


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