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Exceptional windows should have a remarkable installation experience. When you pick CMC Windows and Doors, you'll gain the benefits of lovely visual appeals, unequaled efficiency, and durability, together with the peace of mind that originates from understanding they were installed to Marvin's exact specs. Because your replacement window experience must be as beautiful and stress-free as the windows themselves. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Marvin Windows showroom.

A CMC expert will provide an at-home assessment to go over style, functions, redesign, and more. On installation day, our installers will arrive at your house to get rid of the old windows and skillfully install your brand-new Marvin windows.

What sets CMC apart from other window companies?

CMC Windows and Doors is Colorado's only full-service window and door replacement company. This starts with our installation, which we do in a full-frame fashion instead of an insert application like most window companies. A full frame installation includes tearing out the old window and frame, all the way down to the rough opening. This allows us to seal up the new window and opening, protecting it from the elements. An insert installation does not include a full tear out and the new window actually sits within the old window frame. If your opening is not fully sealed up then it does no good to even replace your windows. We believe in doing our installations the correct way and providing a product that is built to last.

Along with our full-frame installation approach, we also include new trim on the exterior and interior of your home. Rounding out our full-service experience is that we also paint or stain the new windows, doors and trim to match. The other window replacement companies in the Denver metro area do not include this service which means that you'll have to hire multiple contractors to complete your window replacement project.

CMC also does opening redesigns, opening expansions, and opening build-ins. The other window replacement companies in the area will only replace windows within your existing opening. We take on tougher projects in which you may want to redesign which windows you have within an opening or expand an opening for a window-to-door conversion or larger units.

Are Marvin Windows great for sound dampening?

Many people live in homes exposed to some degree of sound. If you survive on a high-traffic street or within audible series of an airport, you likely wish to think about upgrading your windows to reduce how much of this sound can be heard inside your house. Marvin Replacement Windows have several options for replacement windows that make a significant decrease in the amount of noise that travels through your glass.

A window pane's thickness is among a lot of fundamental factors impacting the amount of sound audible through the glass.

Testing from Cardinal Glass has actually found that increasing glass thickness from 3 mm to 6 mm can increase the window's acoustical glass score by four to six points, an enhancement that will be clearly audible to any homeowner. For the majority of homes, glass density surpassing 6 mm thick is unnecessary and may misshape the quality of your view.

About Marvin Replacement Windows

As a Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor, we will guide you through the window replacement procedure every step of the way. We are happy to use quality replacement choices from Marvin. Marvin provides three collections, each specified by the degree of style information, versatility, and customization chances. Across all collections, you'll discover stunning style, remarkable quality, and unequaled performance.


Every Signature product is made-to-order to your specific requirements. All details are considered, providing the greatest level of workmanship, appeal, and efficiency. Marvin's Signature Collection consists of the Ultimate and Modern item lines. All aluminum cladding is not rivaled by any other manufacturer. Marvin's extremely long-lasting extruded aluminum substrate is significantly stronger than roll-form aluminum.

Custom details

Deep, rich, and long-lasting. These are simply a few words that explain the distinction of Marvin color. From subtle earth tones to vibrant, eye-catching colors, Marvin's cladding stands apart as much for its appeal as it provides for its legendary toughness. Marvin makes it easy to complement any project or style with an array of high-quality wood alternatives, consisting of Pine, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, and White Oak.

With the Elevate and Essential lines, patented fiberglass exteriors withstand all aspects, exceeding and outlasting vinyl, roll-form aluminum, and other fiberglass composites. The Elevate's warm wood interiors include classic charm while resistant, lasting fiberglass outsides stay strong even in nature's hardest conditions. The Marvin Essential Collection provides tidy lines and versatile style. Strong, long-lasting fiberglass exterior and interiors are both visually appealing and practically maintenance-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order Marvin Windows online?

Marvin only sells their products on a local level, through their network of dealers so there is no way to order Marvin Windows online. If you would like a quote for Marvin products, give us a call at (720) 573-2230.

Marvin Windows History

Marvin Windows has been a staple in the industry with over 100 years of history. To this day, the company is still family owned and operated out of Warroad, Minnesota. Check out the video below on the history of Marvin Windows and the family that made it all happen.


Integrity by Marvin Ultrex Fiberglass, How Does It Stack Up?

Integrity by Marvin Ultrex Fiberglass, How Does It Stack Up?

We wanted to pass along a great video that was recently released. Matt Risinger, Texas home builder, and YouTube star put the three most popular window types used here in the United States through a series of extreme tests. The three windows tested are a vinyl window, a wood/vinyl composite window, and an All Ultrex Fiberglass window made by Marvin's Integrity line.

He examines build quality, strength, stress, and how the windows respond to extreme temperatures. Matt first takes a look at how the Marvin fiberglass windows are manufactured and their quality through a corner cut. He then subjects the different windows to extreme amounts of heat to test their durability. The painted finishes are then put to the test to see how the windows would perform under situations in which they may be scratched. Finally, Matt tests the impact resistance of the three windows. This is an important test for hail-prone states like Colorado or for areas in which impact may come from golf balls, baseballs, rocks, or other hard objects.

Needless to say, the All Ultrex Integrity window outperformed the other window types in every category! Here at CMC Windows and Doors, we are proud to supply the Integrity by Marvin line due to it being one of the strongest and most functional window lines available today. In addition to being a very informative test, it looks like Matt has some fun destroying a few windows in the process! Enjoy the video!