Anlin Malibu Vinyl Patio Doors

Anlin Malibu vinyl patio doors offer you a stylish way to open up your home and take full advantage of our lovely summer weather. Indulge your senses with panoramic views that allow you to imagine that the Rockies are on your doorstep.

With several style choices in various colors, this range of Malibu sliding patio doors will fit any decor.

At CMC Windows and Doors, we proudly offer Anlin Malibu vinyl patio doors. We feel that this high-performance range complements the ethos that we embody as a company. We are pleased to partner with a company that values product excellence as much as we do.

Anlin Malibu vinyl patio doors come in two basic styles: sliding and swinging. Let's examine the differences between the two and your options.

Sliding Patio Doors

The sliding doors range between six to eight inches in height. They feature whisper quiet QuadraGlide ™ rollers set in a high-quality steel track. The system runs quietly and flawlessly due to the top-rated sealed precision bearings.

The heavy-duty screen frame is durable and difficult to bend. You can choose between 12 ThermaCoat colors for the frame, making the door versatile for designers and practical for homeowners. 

The powder coating bakes onto the metal, creating an impenetrable barrier. This layer will not chip, peel, or flake, and you do not have to refinish it every few years. 

Safety-tempered glass comes standard with each door, and we can install several optional extras. 

You may also customize your door configuration to suit your needs better. If you need assistance with this, speak to one of our friendly team members for advice on the best setup for your home. 

Swinging French Doors

Sliding doors are practical and great for saving space. However, nothing evokes the feeling of an old country manor quite like swinging French doors. Here again, the Anlin Malibu vinyl patio doors shine. 

Measuring between six and eight feet in height, the doors open either outward or inward and feature triple-locking pins for better security. 

As with the sliding doors, you can choose 12 colors for the frame. You may also opt to install sidelights as an optional extra. You may customize the sidelights further by having them operate.

Choose Your Optional Upgrades

What makes Anlin Malibu vinyl patio doors unique is the degree of customization. Your custom choices extend beyond color and frame style to several types of energy-rated glass and even a cute pet door. 

Should you be unsure of which upgrade you need, discuss the matter with our team, and they'll walk you through your options. 

Anlin SunMatrix 

The SunMatrix upgrade is ideal for sun-drenched spots where you need respite from the UV Rays. Ideal for warm to hot climates, this range offers you the best balance between light and sun protection. 

The four tiers of Low-E coating filter out harmful UV rays, allowing no more than 1% through. This efficient system keeps your home cooler in the summer, allowing you to reduce your overall energy bill. 

With this upgrade, you receive the firm's free Easy Clean Exterior Coating. 

Anlin Infinit-e

Infinit-e doesn't block quite as much radiation as SunMatrix, but it comes close. These filters exclude 95% of UV radiation, meaning you will receive valuable protection against the sun without sacrificing light quality. 

The versatile nature of this product makes it suitable for use in any environment. It's an excellent choice for the Colorado weather. The easy Clean Exterior Coating comes free with this product. 

Anlin SunShield

Sunshield is ideal for homes in hot areas where the sun's glare is problematic. Three layers of Low-E coating block 98% of UV radiation. In addition, the glass has a slight blue/gray hue that cuts glare. 

You will receive the Easy Clean Exterior Coating as standard with this package. 

Anlin CoolShield

Anlin Malibu vinyl patio doors with the CoolShield work well for those living in areas with moderate climates. It has two layers of Low-E coating blocking 86% of UV radiation. This setup allows more visible light into the room and keeps your home warmer during winter. 

Easy Clean Coating comes with this package. 

Anlin Luminance

Luminance works exceptionally well in areas where it is icy in winter and relatively cool in summer. Coated with only one layer of Low-E coating, these panes block 71% of radiation. As a result, they let in more light and heat than any other options on the list. 

The Easy Clean Coating is an optional extra with this package. 

Anlin QuadraTherm

For maximum protection in winter, it's hard to beat QuadraTherm. This specialist glass keeps the cold out while allowing you to use coatings to filter the summer rays. 

Anlin Pet Doors

Why not include a stylish and convenient pet door to let your little pooch or cat come and go as they please? There are four sizes from which to choose, allowing you to tailor the entrance to the size of your pet. 

Anlin Certifications

You might wonder why everyone speaks so highly about Anlin. With a sterling track record of over 30 years, Anlin is one of the top manufacturers in the United States. Clients who select the company's products appreciate their durability, solid construction, and style. 

With these doors, the beauty goes beyond the surface. The following organizations test and certify all the products offered by Anlin: 

  • The National Fenestration Rating Council 
  • Energy Star
  • The American Architectural Manufacturers Association

These institutions subject Anlin's products to rigorous testing to ensure that they are of excellent quality and safe to install. 

Your Warranty

Anlin believes in its products and is willing to put its reputation on the line. The company provides a generous Double Lifetime Warranty, which includes: 

  • Parts
  • Labor
  • Accidental breakage

Keep your original receipt, as you may transfer your coverage to anyone you sell the house to next. 

Naturally, however, terms and conditions apply. One of those conditions is that an authorized dealer like CMC Windows and Doors must install your products for the guarantee to be valid. 

Speak to Your Authorized Anlin Dealer in Colorado

CMC Windows and Doors is proud to offer high-quality Anlin products. We see the value that these products provide on a day-to-day basis. Our team of licensed and certified contractors is standing by to help you choose the best Anlin Malibu vinyl patio doors for your home. 

Contact CMC Windows today to receive your free estimate. You may reach out through our website or by calling us at (720) 573-2230.  

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