Anlin Coronado Replacement Vinyl Windows

Anlin Coronado Windows provides homeowners with advanced energy efficiency. Their innovative designs exceed the strict requirements set by Energy Star®. 

This window series features elite air ventilation, meaning you and your family receive the best indoor air quality. Pair your Anlin Coronado Windows with other Anlin products for greater results. 

At CMC Windows and Doors, our robust catalog includes various window configurations and operating styles. The Anlin Coronado Windows we feature include: 

  • Double slider windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows 
  • Garden windows 
  • Double hung windows
  • Bay and Bow windows

We'll explore the specific types of Anlin Coronado Windows and the diverse features you can expect across the board. 

Features and Upgrades

Anlin Coronado Windows are great for helping you slash those energy bills while also providing high-quality indoor air. These windows work wonders year-round and can function in cold and hot climates. Some features and upgrades you can expect are: 

Anlin Armor 

Anlin protects your windows' pristine quality throughout the manufacturing, delivery, and installation process. They do so by applying Anlin Armor to every window. This easy-to-peel-off protective film maintains a window's spotless condition. 

Moisture Stop 

A big problem many homeowners face is moisture seeping through their windows and traveling into their homes. When left alone, moisture can raise humidity levels and cause mold growth. 

Our Anlin Coronado Windows come with a silica drying agent tasked with constantly eliminating water vapor from inside your window. 

True Deal Seal 

Every window features a water vapor barrier to protect your home from unwanted moisture. We fuse this barrier with an advanced silicone structure, so homeowners can benefit from lifetime durability. 

Anlin Infinit-e

Our Anlin Infinit-e glass grants advanced solar protection without restricting visible light from entering. This type of glass is ideal for all climates, and you can invest in four upgrades: 

  1. QuadraTherm: Using this heat retention coating, more heat will stay inside on those chilly days and nights. 
  2. Anlin SunMatrix: Benefit from four layers of energy-efficient Low-E coating. This coating reflects and reduces solar heat entering a property. 
  3. Sound reduction glass: Upgrade your Anlin Coronado Window with our sound suppression technology. This package can reduce noise by up to 50%. 
  4. SunShield: This upgrade provides three Low-E coating layers and a blue/gray tint on your glass's exterior. Our SunShield protects your window and home from extreme solar heat and temperatures.

PLUS Easy Clean Coating

Cleaning your windows can take considerable time and effort. Our PLUS Easy Clean Coating makes it easier. This exterior coating eliminates pollutants like dirt and dust using the sun's UV rays. 

Argon Gas

This optional upgrade is an invisible gas layer that sits between your window's panes. Argon Gas slows heat transfer through your window.

Platinum Elite Spacer

Benefit from this top commercial-rated, low conductance, and thermally efficient edge spacer available on the market today. 

The Types of Anlin Coronado Windows We Offer 

At CMC Windows, we offer eight different types of Anlin Coronado Windows: 

Coronado Double Slider Windows

Double slider windows can help any room achieve an aesthetically balanced look. Easily open both sashes for better ventilation and air circulation. In addition, our double slider windows feature top-notch rollers allowing straightforward and virtually silent operations. 

Your exterior frame will benefit from 12 ThermaCoat™ colors that can appeal to any home. For greater visibility, insect protection, and air circulation, please take advantage of our BetterVue® window screens. Your double slider windows have a frame depth of 3 ¼ inches. 

Coronado Casement Windows 

When you need higher ventilation, casement windows are an excellent choice. Homeowners tend to use casement windows for areas like their kitchens and bathrooms. 

A casement window will open at a 90-degree angle, providing absolute ventilation. Its hinge at the side opens completely outwards through its straightforward crank operation. 

Another benefit of using a casement window is that it grants a clear outside view when opened. Customize your Coronado casement window with our 12 exterior frame colors available. 

Coronado Awning Windows 

Like our casement windows, awning windows provide homeowners with a full view when opened. An awning window also pairs excellent ventilation with an easy-to-use crank operation. 

Unlike casement windows, however, awning windows open from the bottom with their hinge sitting on top. Typically, homeowners can place awning windows higher up on a wall. 

Paired with their bigger size, awning windows are great add-ons to your kitchen or bathroom for better airflow. Like all the windows in our Anlin Coronado Windows series, customize your Coronado awning window with different exterior colors. 

Coronado Garden Windows

Garden windows can take your home to the next level for homeowners with a green thumb. These windows closely resemble bay windows but have a slanted window on top. 

Our garden windows can be ordered with shelves, which homeowners commonly use for tiny gardens. However, you can also use these shelves to add home decor. In addition, each window comes with side vents you can open for better ventilation. 

Use our garden windows for your kitchen or bathroom, bringing in more fresh air and natural sunlight. 

Coronado Double Hung Windows 

Double-hung windows allow you to open both sashes simultaneously for better ventilation and air circulation. Besides better circulation, both sashes easily tilt, making a stress-free cleaning job. 

Our double-hung windows have a stainless-steel balance operation that makes performance smoother. Coronado double hung windows have a frame depth of 3 ¼ inches. 

Coronado Bay and Bow Windows

Many homeowners choose to install our bay and bow windows to make a room feel bigger. Besides making a room feel bigger, bay, and bow windows bring in much more natural sunlight. 

Because of those benefits, Coronado bay & bow windows fit great in living rooms with designated reading nooks. For example, you can build the window frame around a bench and sit in the cavity for ample natural sunlight. 

For bay windows, the set-up features three windows with your choice of casement, double hung, or picture windows in each position. For bow windows, homeowners can choose between a four or five-window configuration with your choice of casement, double hung, or picture windows in each position.

Coronado Picture Windows

Anlin Coronado picture windows are the fixed window option within this lineup. These windows can be configured in a large variety of sizes from very small to extra-large.

Picture windows are a great option when you don’t need extra airflow in a room but want to preserve the view to the exterior. 

Coronado Geometric Shape Windows

Anlin Coronado picture windows can also be configured as a specialty geometric shape, including, half circles, half ellipses, quarter circles, quarter ellipses, closed segment circles, closed segment quarter circles, ellipses, equal triangles, full circles, gables, gothic style, hexagons, octagons, open half circles, open quarter circles, open segment circles, open segment quarter circles, ovals, parallelograms, peak trapezoids, rakes, trapezoids, and triangles.

These picture windows can also be custom designed based on custom measurements if you are needing a shape not already included in their lineup.  

Further Customize Your Windows

You can customize any window with your choice of interior and exterior colors, frames, Pull-Tight Cam Locks, and glass designs. When it comes to glass, you can upgrade to tempered glass, which reduces the risk of injury if broken, or even Anlin’s First Guard laminated security glass which provides extra protection from home invaders or high-speed debris.  

All our windows are certified and tested by: 

  • The American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA)
  • Energy Star 
  • The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)

Why You Can Trust CMC Windows 

At CMC Windows and Doors, we're proud to provide the energy-efficient Anlin Coronado Windows. Our expert team can help pair you with the right window that matches your needs and your house's design. Benefit from numerous styles and customization choices. 

Our full-service window replacement and installation company provides: 

  • Painting 
  • Staining 
  • New interior and exterior trim
  • Drywall repair and touch-up 

Our team can also take on custom projects that require more complicated structural changes. We can easily convert any window opening into a door opening, create a sunroom by enclosing a patio with windows, and more. 

Discover our unique approach to window installation by calling CMC Windows at (720) 573-2230 today! 

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