Anlin Coronado Casement Windows

Brand-new windows will help you keep energy bills down and create a more comfortable indoor environment for you and your family to enjoy. We specialize in window replacement and installation for homes.

We sell and install state-of-the-art windows from the most respected window manufacturers in the business, including the Anlin Coronado casement window. Our understanding of the latest window technology helps us to find the perfect window for every client at a price that fits their budget. The windows we sell and install have features you won't find in older windows.

We would like to highlight an outstanding line of windows: the Anlin Coronado casement window. Casement windows attach to their frames with a hinge so they can swing outward, like the Coronado awning window but unlike the Coronado Double slider window which slides to open. While casement windows reflect traditional window design principles, Anlin's modern casement windows contain the latest features for heat retention, energy efficiency, moisture protection, and protection from UV rays.

Anlin High-Performance Glass Products and Window Features


You don't have to block out the light with curtains or blinds to protect yourself from UV radiation. Anlin's Infinit-e glass blocks up to 95% of UV light while letting in natural ambient sunlight. 


For enhanced solar protection, the optional SunMatrix four-layer coating blocks 99% of UV rays and helps keep your home cool in hot weather. 


Engineered for hot weather, the Anlin SunShield combines glare protection with enhanced UV-blocking capabilities. Enjoy the magnificent view of your yard in comfort all year long while protecting yourself from damaging UV rays.

Moisture Protection

Moisture from the outdoors can damage windows. Anlin windows include a combination of a silicone barrier to keep water out and a silica desiccant to draw water away from your windows and enhance the durability of your Anlin Coronado casement window. 

QuadraTherm Coating

If you live in a colder climate, like many of our customers in Colorado, ask about the QuadraTherm coating that improves your Anlin windows' ability to trap heat in your home, saving you from high energy costs.

Sound Reduction Technology

One of the advantages of modern window technology is the ability to protect the rooms in your home from road noise and other distractions. Anlin designed its window panes to disrupt sound waves for superior noise reduction.

Easy Clean Coating

Many Anlin windows come with a stain-resistant coating that, combined with the casement window's hinged design, will make cleaning a snap.

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Anlin windows are a great choice for upgrading your old home or achieving the highest standards of quality for your newly built home. If you expect the best performance and longevity from your windows, consult the window specialists at CMC Windows and Doors. We focus on installing windows and patio doors, and we sell an expansive inventory of windows in many colors and styles.

If you are not sure what type of Anlin Coronado windows you need, a free consultation with a knowledgeable window specialist can help you weigh your options. We'll answer all your questions without any obligation to buy from us or have us install your windows.

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