Anlin Coronado Bay & Bow Windows

Have you considered what your home would look like with Anlin Coronado bay and bow windows? At CMC Windows and Doors, we've seen many living rooms, parlors, dining rooms, and sunrooms become brighter, more spacious, and more welcoming by replacing a flat window with a bay or bow window.

Bay windows and bow windows both add to the interior space of the home and provide a great deal of natural light. Bay windows can be more compact and consist of a central window and two angled flanking windows. Bow windows are wider and consist of a series of Coronado casements, Coronado double hungs, or Coronado picture windows arranged on curved, bowed window frames.

Whichever window style you choose, the Coronado series of bay and bow windows by Anlin increase the potential of these time-tested designs by adding the latest in security, insulation, moisture resistance, and UV protection technology. As you contemplate watching the world through a picturesque window, perhaps sitting in a window seat, consider everything Anlin Coronado bay and bow windows have to offer.

Energy Star Certified Energy Efficiency

Anlin gives you the opportunity to choose from many types of Coronado Bay and Bow Windows, so you can keep heat in during cold winters and maximize passive solar heating or limit the light you receive if you live in a colder climate. 

A Multi-layered Defense Against Moisture

Moisture affects exterior windows in many ways. It conducts heat, which reduces the energy efficiency of the windows. It promotes rot and mold proliferation, and it can force you to repair or replace your windows sooner than necessary. 

With Anlin Coronado Bay and Bow Windows, you can block moisture with durable silicone sealants, silica desiccants, and an argon layer between the panes. These measures improve the durability and energy efficiency of Anlin Coronado Windows.

The Latest in UV Blocking Technology

All Anlin Coronado bay and bow windows block some of the sun's UV light, but you can choose different levels of protection from UV rays. Homeowners who live in colder climates typically opt for coatings that let more light in, while residents of warmer climates typically choose maximum UV protection.

Impact Resistant Security Glass

Reinforce your windows and gain peace of mind with glass designed to thwart would-be intruders.

Technology To Block and Disrupt Unwanted Sound

Anlin Coronado windows have optional sound-blocking technology so you don't have to cover your bay or bow window with heavy curtains to block out sound.

An Easy Clean Coating

Keep your bay or bow window looking sharp and clear with easy cleaning and maintenance.

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If you would like to explore options for replacing your drafty, leaky, or aging windows with new, cutting-edge technology, contact us. We can help you decide whether Anlin Coronado bay and bow windows are what you need for your next renovation or home addition project.

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