Anlin Coronado Awning Windows

Have you considered installing an Anlin Coronado Awning Window in your home? Awning windows, like casement windows, are hinged windows that open outward. Typically, you would open one using a hand crank, although you can get motorized awning windows as well. Homeowners typically position awning windows higher up on exterior walls to let light in while maintaining privacy.

CMC Windows and Doors is the premier source for modern, precision-engineered window technology, serving communities in Colorado. We only work with the best window manufacturers, like Anlin, so our customers can benefit from the latest advances in window technology. We would like to highlight the many advantages of the Coronado series by Anlin.

Invaluable Features of the Anlin Coronado Awning Window

Awning windows provide many advantages, such as improved ventilation, easy cleaning, and energy efficiency. However, you might be wondering why you should choose Anlin as your awning brand.

The answer is simple: Anlin designs its windows to enhance and reinforce the benefits of the awning window design. For example, awning windows are easy to clean inside and out because they open outward. They operate like the Coronado Casement window which opens sideways. Anlin's easy clean coating makes the process even simpler.

Anlin Coronado windows include several technological advancements and design features that position Anlin as an industry leader. You might not see these features, but you will feel their effects in your quiet, comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Protection From the Sun

Anlin offers many levels of solar protection, from the Anlin Luminance that blocks 71% of harmful UV rays to the new Anlin SunMatrix that blocks 99% of UV rays. Protect artwork and skin while enjoying the sunshine with Anlin's protective film technology.

Climate Control Technology

Anlin offers different window designs for hot and cold weather, so our customers in Colorado can find the right awning window for their environment. The QuadraTherm keeps heat in, while the Luminance and CoolShield promote passive heating.

Argon Gas Upgrade

Optionally, fill the space between the panes with argon instead of air to improve insulation and prevent the growth of mold and damage from moisture.

Edge Spacers

Edge spacers keep the panes of the window evenly spaced and prevent moisture from entering the window, improving its ability to insulate your home.

Security Glass

Upgrade your Anlin Coronado Awning window with glass designed to prevent someone from breaking in.

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Our customers get more than a top-quality window when they choose CMC Windows and Doors for their window installation and replacement projects. We offer superior customer service, speedy installation, and unfailing attention to detail. With our expert technicians working for you, you can count on dependable advice, prompt service, and professionalism.

We welcome proposals for custom window installations, including the creation of new window spaces and sunroom construction. You'll be amazed when you see what we can do for your home by installing Anlin Coronado awning windows and other quality window products like the Anlin Coronado double hung window.

Installation mistakes from an inexperienced contractor or DIY job can ruin the heat retention capabilities of windows and cause them to fail. Invest in the long-term happiness, comfort, and security of everyone in your home by choosing CMC Windows to install your Anlin Coronado awning windows Call CMC Windows at (720) 573-2230 to speak with a window installation and replacement expert today.

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