Anlin Catalina Vinyl Replacement Windows

Though they might not seem like much, windows are advanced pieces of home equipment that have evolved dramatically in recent years. While they used to be glass boxes that let in sunlight, windows now have noise reduction, energy efficiency, and aesthetic benefits.

Anlin Catalina windows are at the forefront of that innovation. These windows emphasize curb appeal and energy savings, which is why they come in several ENERGY STAR-approved sizes, styles, and colors. No matter what Anlin Catalina vinyl windows you select, you’ll receive a product that insulates your home’s temperature and keeps frost and UV rays out, reducing how much you need to run your HVAC system.

CMC Windows and Doors is Colorado’s top full-service team to replace your old windows with new ones from Anlin Catalina. Not only do we provide all styles and sizes of Anlin window and door products, but our window experts can customize your purchase in a new color or shape, so you have complete control over your home improvement.

Catalina Single Slider Window

Single slider Anlin Catalina windows have two glass panes, with the sash attached to a track that slides open and shut. Single slider windows take up less space because they operate horizontally rather than swinging out, making them perfect for crowded or cramped living spaces. Their thin, horizontal design also gives them a sleek, subtle design for enhanced curb appeal.

Anlin Catalina single-slider windows open smoothly and quietly, so you won’t have to disrupt the peace trying to adjust your home’s temperature or airflow. Additionally, these windows come with a BetterVue window screen that blocks insects better than standard barriers and an optional ThermaCoat painted frame with 12 color options.

Catalina Picture Window

Anlin Catalina picture windows can be configured in very small and very large sizes. You can fit them in any room because of their simple design, but because picture windows don’t have anything obstructing their view, they work best in areas that benefit from maximum natural sunlight, such as kitchens or bedrooms.

Even though Anlin Catalina picture windows permit visible light, you won’t have to worry about UV rays increasing your home’s temperature or discoloring your furniture. Even the picture Anlin Catalina windows have better solar protection than the competition, thanks to their robust glass that reflects UV light. 

Catalina Single Hung Window

Anlin Catalina single-hung windows are like their single sliders. For example, they have a simple, balanced rectangular look, two glass panes within each sash, and are thinner than most traditional windows. The only differences between these two types of windows are that single-hung windows open and close vertically rather than horizontally and are typically taller than wide.

Because single-hung windows don’t operate horizontally, you open them by pulling the handle upward allowing the sash to slide on a vertical track. These windows also have the optional BetterVue screens and painted ThermaCoat frames available and even come with a tilting sash for easy cleaning.

Catalina Geometric Shape Windows

Anlin Catalina geometric windows provide an unobstructed view like picture windows but come in several unique shapes and designs. These windows work best as accents above other windows or doors, but their standout design will make them an eye-catching addition to any living space.

Some of the many design options include, half circles, half ellipses, quarter circles, quarter ellipses, closed segment circles, closed segment quarter circles, ellipses, equal triangles, full circles, gables, gothics, hexagons, octagons, open half circles, open quarter circles, open segment circles, open segment quarter circles, ovals, parallelograms, peak trapezoids, rakes, trapezoids, and triangles. Anlin geometric windows can also be custom designed based on custom measurements if you are needing a shape not already included in their lineup.  

Catalina Operable Geometric Shape Windows

Anlin Catalina operable geometric shape windows combine a single hung window with a specialty geometric shape at the top for a classic, elegant look. These windows can be designed with several geometric designs including, half circles, quarter circles, peak trapezoids, open segment quarter circles, open segment half circles, and trapezoids.

An operable bottom sash allows for ventilation, sliding upwards like a single hung window.

Catalina Model Set Windows

Anlin Catalina model set windows essentially function as two or three windows combined or mulled into a single frame. This allows for more seamless lines between multiple units and can be installed easier than multiple units within a single opening.

For homeowners that need more than three windows within a single opening, for a “wall of windows” look, CMC can mull the windows together during our full-service installation process. We can even expand openings, make structural changes, add new headers, build-in openings for smaller windows, or convert window openings into an opening for a patio door.

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Anlin Catalina windows are the perfect way to build your ideal living space. They quiet the noise from your neighbors, protect you from heat and harmful UV rays, and look better than any other alternatives. If you’re ready to replace your existing windows with Anlin Catalina windows, CMC Windows is the team for you. 

When you trust our installation experts, we’ll walk you through your purchase so that you understand the pros and cons of each product. Then, we’ll take out your outdated and inefficient windows and quickly install the new ones for a competitive rate.

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