Anlin Catalina Single Slider Window

When you’re upgrading or renovating your current residence, finding the right windows is crucial. Windows allow sunlight to illuminate your house and act as viewpoints to the surrounding neighborhood. Your windows also play significant roles in curb appeal, home value, and energy efficiency.

The Anlin Catalina single slider window is the perfect choice for any home. Anlin Catalina windows will far exceed your expectations, providing numerous benefits for you and your home. While basic, the single slider style is practical and effective, opening quietly and taking up little room in your house.

CMC Windows offers Anlin Catalina windows in several styles, sizes, shapes, and colors. Once you’ve found the right ones for your home, we provide complete, professional installation. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

How They Work

Unlike hung windows, which open and close vertically, single slider windows operate horizontally. Anlin Catalina single slider windows use smooth, high-quality rollers to open one sash and allow optimal airflow. Because single slider windows don’t open out, they can fit in places where trees or shrubs are near your home’s exterior. 


  • Thin frames allow maximum glass area
  • High-quality rollers make for quiet and smooth operation
  • BetterVue® screen protects against insects and provides optimal visibility and airflow
  • Attractive ThermCoat™ frame colors for increased curb appeal


Increased Energy Efficiency

The Anlin Catalina single slider window excels at blocking UV rays and insulating your home. By helping maintain your ideal indoor temperature, you can reduce heating and air conditioning usage. These windows, therefore, help increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Better Security

Anlin Catalina windows also have optional features that strengthen your home’s security measures. Laminated security glass stainless steel sash dead bolts prevent intruders from entering your home through the windows. The Continuous Interlock feature in all Anlin Catalina single slider windows makes it even more difficult to force entry.

Easy to Clean

With PLUS Easy Clean Coating, Anlin windows take longer to dirty, meaning you’ll clean less often. When it’s time to clean, the coating makes it easy to wipe dirt and grime off the surface.

Noise Reduction

The double-strength glass of an Anlin Catalina single slider window provides increased sound control. You can opt for a Sound Package that provides more noise reduction.

Aesthetic Appearance

You can customize your Anlin Catalina single slider windows to match your home’s aesthetic design. Choose from various interior and exterior colors, Pull-Tight Cam Lock colors, frame designs, glass obscurities, and grid styles to create the perfect window look. 

Because its frame is thin, 2 7/8 inches in depth, you can also pair the window with blinds that will fit perfectly in the extra space. 

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If you want the highest quality windows in the industry, choose Anlin Catalina single slider windows and start experiencing the benefits. At CMC Windows and Doors, we offer the products and professional installation you need to make your home more appealing, more energy efficient, safer, and much more.

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