Anlin Catalina Picture Window

When you want to lighten up a room or make it appear larger, adding or replacing windows is an excellent solution. High-quality, up-to-date windows offer a simple way to increase energy savings and enhance curb appeal. At CMC Windows and Doors, we offer an array of quality window and patio door products, with installation services designed to increase the natural light in any area of your home. Our Anlin Catalina picture windows provide the perfect option for welcoming a gorgeous view of the outdoors. They’re also highly customizable, ensuring that your windows fit with the design and decor of your home.

Premium Features

Along with increasing the light in any room they’re installed, all Anlin Catalina windows provide superior-quality standard features, including: 

  • Anlin Infinite-e coatings offer protection from UV rays while still providing maximum light and visibility
  • Easy-clean exterior coatings that break down dirt and keep your windows looking cleaner, and longer
  • Triplefin weather stripping provides weather-tight seals and protects against moisture, dirt, wind, and sound    

You may also choose from several optional upgrades for your Anlin Catalina picture windows, including high-performance glazing options for exceptional energy efficiency. Anlin offers SunMatrix window coatings to reduce thermal heat entering the home, perfect for those south or west-facing windows. You may also choose a QuadraTherm coating to help retain heat inside your home during colder seasons. The Anlin Sound Package features sound suppression technology, and reduces outside noise by nearly 50%, more than standard dual-pane glass. 

Completely Customizable

You may choose to install an Anlin Catalina picture window on its own or in combination with other Anlin windows, like the Catalina single slider window or the Catalina single hung window to create a gorgeous wall of windows. Picture windows come in sizes ranging from very small to very large. Because their design is simple and classic, they fit the style of any room, especially ones where you want to take maximum advantage of natural light. They also offer several customizable options, from glass to frames, including:  

  • Choice of window grid styles and patterns
  • Decorative glass for added character or privacy
  • V-groove glass with gorgeous patterns precision-engraved in the glass
  • Tempered glass, designed to shatter completely when broken for increased safety
  • A wide variety of exterior and interior frame colors for maximum customization
  • Frame options in narrow or traditional profiles, with different aesthetic styles to choose from

The professionals at CMC Windows and Doors work with you to select the perfect Anlin Catalina picture window for your home, down to the smallest detail.

Free Consultations With CMC Windows and Doors

CMC Windows is a full-service residential window and patio door replacement company. We sell only the highest quality window and door products, including Anlin Catalina picture windows. Our trained and experienced technicians assist you in everything from selecting the right windows and hardware to performing reliable and efficient installations. Our warranties and quality assurance ensure that you enjoy beautiful, functional windows for years to come. 

At CMC, we’re experts in replacement windows, and offer our customers complete customization of their home, with structural changes, expansion or creation of window openings, converting window openings into door openings, and even enclosing patios using doors and windows to create a sunroom. We provide Anlin Windows and Doors in Colorado, so if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your windows or patio doors, contact us today for more information on our products and services

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