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About Us

Why Choose CMC Proudly Featuring Marvin Windows and Doors?

When you’re looking for a cost-efficient and effective window replacement service or door installation service, you don’t have to look any further than CMC. With us, you can enhance your home’s appearance and raise the value of your home.

We offer full customization for your remodeling and installation needs. We have an elaborate color selection as well as a variety of wood species, glass options, grille styles, hardware styles, adjustable shades, and screens. The possibilities can seem endless when you’re working with us on your door or window project. We can help you accomplish any type of look, including sleek modern, or rustic.

Located in Centennial, Colorado, our team at CMC provides high-quality door installation and window and door replacement services while providing you with knowledgeable window and door remodeling contractors and using the best materials available.

Our Window and Door Replacement Services:

  • Replace many styles of windows
  • Replace sliding and French patio doors
  • Replace front entry doors and storm doors
  • Replace interior doors including bedroom, office, pantry, bathroom and barn doors

Marvin Windows and Patio Doors

We’re not your average window and door contractor; we always strive for the best. That’s why at CMC, we custom order our patio doors and windows from Marvin Windows and Doors. Marvin Windows and Doors provides high-quality products that are strong, attractive, and functional. They offer warranties for all their items, ensuring that their clients are always happy.

The doors and windows that are made in the Marvin line are constructed out of a heavy-duty wooden interior with an aluminum cladding on the exterior, giving their products an elegant yet functional look. The aluminum is extremely durable and doesn’t break, dent, or even bend under duress like extreme weather or hail.

We also provide products from the Integrity line by Marvin. The Integrity line of windows and doors allow you to choose what interior you want with the choices being wood or fiberglass. The exterior of the doors from this range is constructed out of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass. This specific means of production gives doors and windows the strength of steel with a sleek and modern look. The doors and windows from this line are three times stronger than the wood/vinyl composites like Fibrex that are currently out on the market, in addition to being eight times stronger than vinyl. Integrity Windows and Doors by Marvin have been built to withstand the toughest conditions.

More information about our window replacement service can be seen here and more information about our patio door replacement service can be seen here.

ProVia Front Entry and Storm Doors

Another of our trusted suppliers is ProVia located in Sugarcreek, Ohio. They’ve been producing high-quality and energy efficient entry doors for over 40 years and have grown to serve a national audience.

They’ve built a reputation for building products that reflect old-world craftsmanship and quality. ProVia is committed to improving their product, research and development, employees, and facilities. At CMC, we value their dedication and craftsmanship. 

More information about our front entry door replacement service can be seen here.

Contact Us Today

Whether you need door installation service to put sliding doors in your patio area or a window replacement service for a busted frame, CMC is a window and door contractor that has the solution for you with products from some of the most trusted suppliers around. We proudly offer Marvin Windows and Doors as well as products from ProVia and TruStile.

We take care of all your needs when it comes to inspection, installation, and replacement. We’ll continue to work with you through the extent of your warranty. You can expect nothing short of the best when you hire us as your window or door replacement service.

We look forward to working with you on your next project, and we will be there when you need a replacement for your cracked window. You can improve your home today by getting in touch with us so we can begin the process with our free in-home window and door inspection. You can contact us one of two ways: filling out our request form on our website or by calling us at (720) 573-2230.

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