20 Reasons to Avoid Price-Based Decisions for Replacing Windows and Doors

Choosing new windows and patio doors based on price alone is not advised. While there may be savings in upfront costs, one has to consider the long-term benefits and negatives that come with window and door replacements. Otherwise, you end up replacing the windows and doors again far sooner than expected and spending more money than you would have if you initially had chosen high-quality windows and doors, like the ones we offer from Marvin and Integrity by Marvin.

Factors to consider in addition to cost for window and door replacement include energy efficiency, design and style, and laws and codes that govern the installation of windows and doors because of matters related to safety and structural integrity. If you are interested in replacing any windows or doors, or if you would like to get an estimate, we offer free consultation services and estimates for window and patio door replacement costs.


  1. Window Costs by Type

Estimates for window replacement costs will depend largely on the window type, and the final price will depend on how many windows and what types of windows are being replaced. Prices vary for type based on whether you have single-hung, double-hung, sliding, casement or awning windows. Choosing a window replacement by price alone may restrict the types of windows you can install, and very often, the cheaper windows tend to be the least cost and energy efficient.

  1. Energy Efficiency

The most practical reason for not going for a price-driven choice when it comes to replacing windows and doors is the energy efficiency of a product. Colorado is known for extreme and occasionally rapidly changing weather and the fluctuations between heat and cold make energy efficient windows and doors crucial for survival and money saving. Windows with additional panes of glass may have a higher upfront cost, but they will quickly be worth the investment with the amount you can save on heating and air conditioning.




  1. A Return on Your Investment

When you choose an energy-efficient window, you will save on the long-term costs of household energy usage. Studies have shown a savings of 15% per year on energy bills for homes that use energy-efficient windows. Even if you invest more upfront for the windows, the long-term benefits ultimately make up for the costs.


  1. Design and Style

One of the biggest arguments against simply choosing a window for its low price is the design and style of a house. Houses are designed to reflect their times, and the windows and doors that match a Colonial home are radically different from the windows and doors that would look best for a contemporary home. Our selection of Marvin and Integrity windows and doors offer a wide selection of styles to fit the design of any home.


  1. Installation

Other factors to consider when replacing windows and doors is the installation and the existing structural and environmental conditions. The cheapest window might not have the correct structural elements to fit in the size and space of the window being replaced. A professional consultant will be able to tell you if you need to alter an existing frame, remove rotting wood, or if there are hazards involved with the replacement (such as mold or insulated gasses in double- or triple-glazed windows).


  1. Don’t Forget Flashing

Window replacement costs also should include proper flashing of the window in order to prevent leaking or flooding. Without proper flashing with a drip cap, newly installed windows can be ruined. Our free window and patio door consultations will be able to tell you if your new windows were properly flashed.


  1. Don’t Skip the Shims

Choosing windows and replacement services based solely on the lowest cost puts you at risk of getting newly installed windows without the all-important shim-check. All windows must be “shimmed” to ensure they fit, open and close perfectly. In addition, shim-checks help to prevent structural problems, such as bulges in the middle of windows.


  1. The Laws of Glass Types

There are laws and universal building codes that require the use of tempered or safety glass for certain locations in the home and doors of any type. Tempered/safety glass has gone through an extra treatment that makes the glass break into small blocks when broken, rather than sharp shards, so as to be safer for any standers-by. In bathroom areas near bathtubs, showers, saunas or whirlpools, glass must be tempered.


  1. Local and National Laws Regarding Window Location

In addition to ordinances for window glass, there are laws on window location, such as the prohibition of putting windows in walls less than three feet from the property line. There are times when local laws might supersede national laws, but that is information a professional consultant will be able to provide.


  1. Staying Up to Code

The codes for windows and doors have changed since, for instance, the Victorian times, so you’ll want to be sure your home is up-to-date and up-to-code. There are local, national and even international codes for residential windows and doors, including but not limited to window sill height and window installation. Window replacements must adhere to current codes rather than the codes of the times in which the original windows were installed.


  1. Patio Doors by Type

Patio door replacement costs vary per type, depending on whether it’s a sliding door or French door. Sliding patio doors tend to be more affordable than French patio doors. However, many people prefer the spaciousness and architectural elegance of French doors.


  1. Patio Door Glass Glazing

There are also codes that require the glass in both swinging and sliding doors to be glazed/tempered. Because patio doors experience harder wear than windows because they are swung or slid open with force, the glass in patio doors must be durable and able to withstand pressure. Choosing a lower quality patio door could entail weaker and potentially incorrectly treated glass.


  1. Patio Door Insulation

Insulation is an important factor to consider when looking at patio doors because it can be the difference between an airtight patio door and a drafty portal.


  1. Tracks for Sliding Patio Doors

One of the most common annoyances that comes with low-quality patio doors is the use of cheaper vinyl or aluminum for patio door tracks. These lower-quality tracks lead to the door sticking instead of sliding smoothly and effortlessly. Fortunately, our products from Marvin and Integrity by Marvin are made of high-quality wood with aluminum cladding or Ultrex fiberglass instead of vinyl, so they are designed for durability and quality.


  1. Attention to Details

Often what makes the entire look of a house come together into a stylish home is attention to the details. Seemingly small concerns like window grilles, screens and hardware can complete the effect for those seeking a harmonious design flow for their entire home.


  1. Stylish and Convenient Grilles

Lower-priced windows and doors often don’t come with the option to customize the design of your window panes. Classic double-hung windows can look elegant with grilles that create the appearance of multiple panes. In addition to windows and patio doors from Marvin and Integrity by Marvin that can be aesthetically enhanced with grilles, there are also a variety of choices for grilles-between-glass (GBGs) that provide even more convenience and security.


  1. Screening for Insects

Screens are crucial for any home that intends to open its windows and doors to the outdoor elements. Their ability to keep bugs out in addition to durability and appearance depends on the material of the screen mesh. From fiberglass to aluminum and bronze wire screens, there are many choices for screens. Check the different products we offer to see what kind of screens they can be equipped with.


  1. Hardware for the Long Haul

When thinking about the cost of replacing windows and doors, don’t forget one of the most important features of durability and style: hardware. Lower-priced windows and doors will come with hardware of equal value even though there are so many security functions and design styles that can be served by the right hardware. Hardware such as window latches and patio door handles can come in a variety of finishes and styles. Our Marvin and Integrity products come with a wide range of options for hardware.


  1. Shade Business

Most estimates for window replacement costs don’t account for the all-important factor of shades. Our free consultation services will be able to tell you what types of shades are available for your window and door type. We offer top-quality shades from Marvin that seamlessly fit into their windows and doors, giving you the look of an inconspicuous shade with the ability to adjust the light in a room to the quality you desire.


  1. Quality Consultation and Installation

Choosing products and services based on window and door replacements costs alone can ultimately be a costly decision because there are many other factors besides price that one must consider. Instead, opt for convenience and quality with our free professional consultations and reliable services. We only use top-quality windows and doors from Marvin and Integrity by Marvin, so we can stand by our claim that when you choose Marvin Windows and Doors by CMC for consultation and installation services, you will receive quality and excellent customer satisfaction.

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